Where Can I Buy Replacement Windows For My Long Island Home?

Looking for replacement windows for your Long Island home? Wondering what options are available in our area? If you only need to replace a single broken pane in the man-cave window above the garage, you may be thinking about visiting the local big box store to see if you can find a similar size and shape to drop into the existing frame. For a larger job, or one that requires replacing all of the windows facing the street, or you’re looking to totally transform the backyard and want to add an elegant entrance, you probably want some professional help. We realize our Long Island friends and neighbors all have unique homes and individual needs and preferences when it comes to updating their property. Of course, we hope after you do some due diligence comparing brands and home improvement suppliers and products that you choose Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, but here are a few possibilities for you to consider. Continue reading Where Can I Buy Replacement Windows For My Long Island Home?

6 Versatile Long Island Replacement Window Styles

Replacement Window Styles Long Island

When you replace your Long Island home’s windows you may be motivated by the desire to lower your heating and air conditioning bills. Or, you may be more concerned about capturing a better view beyond the window glass from inside. Or, you just want to get rid of the tired, worn out view from the street. Whatever motivates you to consider replacement windows for your home, at Renewal by Andersen, we want you to have the information you need – and deserve – to make wise financial decisions. Continue reading 6 Versatile Long Island Replacement Window Styles

How To Measure Long Island Homes for Window Treatments

window treatments long island

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Mistakes When Measuring Windows

Proper measuring for window treatments for your new windows is almost as important as the measurements we take when calculating the site to build your new windows. Because a perfect-fit replacement window starts with precision measuring techniques in your Long Island home, a member of our team takes responsibility for measuring every window and patio door in your home. It’s not because we don’t think homeowners are smart enough to read a measuring tape. It’s because it’s not as easy as it looks and we guarantee the fit. Our factory builds replacement windows to within 1/16 of an inch of the opening left when we remove your existing windows. Accuracy is critical to completing the installation properly – something else Renewal by Andersen guarantees. A well-built, properly installed replacement window will perform exactly as designed, making your home more comfortable, more energy efficient and more secure than it was before you decided to upgrade. Continue reading How To Measure Long Island Homes for Window Treatments

How To Pick a Replacement Patio Door For Your Long Island Home? 

How to Pick Patio Doors on Long Island

Deciding whether you want to install a hinged door for your deck or a sliding door for your patio often comes down to how much space you have. Sliding replacement patio doors don’t require any floor space to open and close, so you don’t have to worry about furniture placement indoors or out. French-style swing replacement patio doors on the other hand may limit your options, but they do offer some stylistic differences that some homeowners prefer – like a sill instead of the sliding door track that could pose a tripping hazard for guests and family members. To help you decide which patio door is best for your Long Island home, our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island design team came up with a few pros and cons of each style. Continue reading How To Pick a Replacement Patio Door For Your Long Island Home? 

Spring Is Here! Time to Go Long Island Window Shopping!

Long Island Replacement Windows in Spring

While we may still get a few more winter-like blasts, Spring is here (at least on the calendar)! Flowers will bloom. Trees will leaf out. And some Long Island homeowners will breathe a sigh of relief they don’t have to put up with drafty corners and cold spots caused by leaking windows.

As we welcome in the warmer days, it’s a good time to think about banishing those bothersome leaks once and for all. Updating your home with modern, energy-efficient replacement windows can significantly improve your indoor comfort. But, how do you decide which replacement windows to buy for your Long Island home? Continue reading Spring Is Here! Time to Go Long Island Window Shopping!