Renewal by Andersen Long Island NY

Your Replacement Window Source for Long Island, NY

Renewal by Andersen Long Island NY - Your Replacement Window Source for Long Island, NY


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by Riptide on Mar 29 2014 19:35

I bought a product from Renewal from Anderson from a salesperson. It was a little pricey, but i was ok with it because of the "Andersen" name. The salesperson went over the procedure and the product (which took about 2 hours) and I signed the contract. I scheduled the next appointment for the field measurements. When the technician came, he looked at the job and said that "Andersen" could not do it and the job would cost basically double the price. He basically said that they would not warranty the work if i didn't sign a waiver. Why would i sign a waiver to waive the workmanship that you do?? If you can't do something, don't bother bothering selling it. The salesperson promised everything but delivered nothing.

by HKoher on Dec 9 2013 18:44

I replaced my windows because I was very dissatisfied with the work that was done on my windows by a contractor. I've always been involved in manufacturing processes and manufacturing ... and I thought this is the finest window ever made in the United States. I am going to be selling my house within two or three years and it would be a very attractive selling point to say I have all new windows by Andersen. The features I liked on the Andersen windows was ease of operation, the facility that I would have in cleaning of windows and the low heat transfer between the outside and the inside, which means I'm going to save on my fuel bill in the wintertime. They're very attractive windows, they're simple to operate, including the screens, and I never have to paint again! I would recommend Renewal to anybody that I thought needed windows or that asked me what my experience was with the windows because I am thoroughly convinced, because of my background, that this is the finest windows ever made in the United States.

by Brennivan on Nov 14 2013 03:03

When we first looked into Renewal By Andersen we were very impressed with our salesman's presentation. To be honest, I thought that they were a little on the expensive side. After thoroughly researching all different types of windows, we decided on Renewal. So happy we did. I am writing this review laying in bed looking at our new windows, and they are fabulous. This is definitely a company that defines the term "you get what you pay for." Tom, Javier, and Louis arrived on time and THOROUGHLY explained everything. They took their time and took every precaution to keep the job neat and clean. They were very professional and I learned so much, especially about the finish work and insulation. Even our salesman, Nick, called me during construction to make sure everything was going well. At the end of the day I am highly satisfied with the job. I got a great product with great service at a fair price. Isn't that what we all want when you have work done on your house? I need three more done and will definitely call them in the Spring. If you need windows they are the company to call. EXCELLENT job.

by Mae80 on Oct 28 2013 15:54

I am very satisfied with the replacement window installation. From salesman to the man that measures the space and the installers. They were courteous, efficient and neat. They came on time ad we done in good time.

by D. Cook, Roslyn on Jun 25 2013 15:46

The installation was done by your own crew who were professional and very nice.
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