The decision to update your home with high-performance Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows is not a decision most people make on the spur of the moment. Investing in home improvement products to boost your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and real estate value often means a significant spend, one that will impact your comfort, health and asset portfolio for many years. It makes sense to learn from others’ experiences and avoid common mistakes whenever possible. This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island article lists three common errors homeowners make when they decide to update their home.

#1. Delaying the Project Until You Can Purchase Replacement Windows for Your Entire Dwelling

While many people assume you’ll get the best possible price if you wait until you can afford to order a replacement window for every existing home window at one time, you may be surprised to learn that isn’t always the case. Whether you need to replace a few windows, only the windows facing the street or every window in your home, each custom-crafted window is priced based on the features and functionality you choose. Talk to your replacement window specialist about available discounts, seasonal price promotions and other cost-saving alternatives that help you get started right away – even if your budget won’t allow a total make over immediately.

#2. Assuming Responsibility for Hiring an Installation Contractor

Just because a contractor has successfully installed many home windows does not mean you can be sure a contractor knows how to install every style and brand. A poor installation may void all or part of your factory warranty, as well as limit performance. Of course, the worst case scenario is that you have to replace the replacement windows if the installation isn’t completed perfectly. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island carefully vets and trains crews how to properly install our brand of replacement windows. That is why we guarantee parts and labor if any problem develops within the first 24 months directly related to installation problems. The quoted price includes building, shipping and installing your new windows. No surprises, no hassles, no hidden fees.

#3. Failing to Design Each Window Unit for Top Performance

Many homeowners think they have to replace a double-hung window with a double-hung window, a slider with a slider, etc. While that is an option, most window styles are interchangeable because the window unit is manufactured to the exact opening left when we remove existing windows. In many cases, you can change the shape, too – such as going from a rectangular window to a stunning, elegant arch window. You can even join two shapes together to create unique focal points, or bring in more natural light. Performance is about so much more than appearance though. Selecting the right glass type based on the surrounding landscaping and orientation can improve energy-efficiency, lowering your heating and cooling bills. And, window styles can enhance your family’s safety and security. What you have now doesn’t dictate what you must have in the future. Even the hardware and insect screen choices directly impact performance, appearance and comfort.

These three mistakes may mean you spend more money than you have to, or that you delay enjoying the monthly savings on your heating and cooling bills. These mistakes may also mean you settle for something that fails to improve performance, comfort or peace of mind.

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