Long Island replacement window styles matterOur Long Island customers come to us with diverse reasons for installing replacement windows and patio doors. Some are considering listing their home for sale and want to enhance the curb appeal and market value. Others are more interested in saving money on their utility bills. Some homeowners are concerned about the environment and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Whatever your reason is for upgrading your windows, we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals. Designing replacement windows for your Long Island home involves carefully considering your home, your family and your environment. One very important design consideration is window style.

Here are three ways window styles impact you and your family.

  1. Convenience
  2. Safety
  3. Enjoyment

Casement Replacement Windows Offer All 3 in a Neat Package

Casement windows open outward. They have hinges on the side and insect screens mount inside your home. When opened perpendicular to the house, you’ll gain maximum ventilation – it’s almost like the window “reaches out and catches” the breeze.

With an easy-to-grasp handle, casement windows are an excellent solution over sinks and counters when raising and lowering the sash might be inconvenient or potentially create a slipping hazard. Another key feature of casements is that without a rail to block your view, they offer a comparable view to a picture window.

So, this style is convenient and beautiful. You won’t have to step on chairs or ladders to operate windows if you can reach the lower sill from the floor. And, you can enjoy a broader view or a fresh breeze whenever the mood strikes.

Bay Windows & Bow Windows Extend Your Views & Floor Space

Both replacement bay windows and replacement bow windows work well in diverse architectural settings.

Bay windows have three or more panels to accentuate your view. Often consisting of a fixed picture window in the center, flanked by operable windows on each side, one of the many benefits of this style is the additional light and openness that bay windows add to your spaces.

Bow windows start with at least four panels to create a more curved appearance than the typical angled profile of a three-panel bow configuration.

When flanked with casements, double hung, or other operable windows, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view, a welcomed sense of spaciousness and plenty of natural sunlight to make your spaces more comfortable and functional.

Sliders Offer Function & Style with Safety Built In

Every room needs at least one operable window that allows egress in an emergency. A horizontal sliding replacement window is an excellent choice that offers contemporary styling. You can choose single or double slider styles depending on your air circulation goals.

Sliders are an exceptional choice when a window that opens outward might block walkways or interfere with other outdoor activities. When you want a style that doesn’t protrude on a patio, consider this space-saving window. Plus, some people say the sliding motion is easier – and faster – than cranking a casement or awning style window.

Awning Windows Allow Ventilation in Tight Spaces

Awning windows are hinged at the top. They open outward and usually have a crank-type handle for easy operation. Because the glass acts like an awning when opened, you can enjoy some fresh air even during a light rain outside. As long as there isn’t a stiff wind, you shouldn’t have to worry about water coming indoors during a gentle rain.

Because hardware is installed on the lower portion of your window, this style is great for basements and above other windows. Awning windows work well in tight spaces and mounted higher on the wall. They’re convenient and safe to operate, much like casement windows. Plus you can enjoy a nice breeze, even if the weather outside is not-so-nice.

These are just a few of our window offerings, but it’s easy to see that your window style plays a role in keeping your family comfortable and safe. Choosing the best replacement window for every room in your home also enhances your pleasure by giving you a more dramatic view of the world outside and increasing natural light and fresh air opportunities.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Help You Reach Your Replacement Window Goals

Our ultimate goal is to help you build something you’ll be proud to showcase in your home. We want to help you achieve your financial goals with home improvement products that save you money on heating and air conditioning bills while keeping your home’s market value high.

If you’re ready to learn more about Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows and patio doors, give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page and we’ll get back to you right away.

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