Perfect Long Island NY Replacement WindowRenewal by Andersen of Long Island has been serving our New York neighbors in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn and the surrounding areas for more than three decades. As part of our commitment to help homeowners navigate the replacement window buying journey with a stress-free experience that results in happy customers, we strive to put the information you need to make wise decisions in your hands before you make any decisions.

We’ve made the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you contact a Renewal by Andersen of Long Island window design consultant to start your journey.

Step #1: Choose Your Style Preferences

Because every room in your home plays a unique role, choosing best-fit window styles is critical. Style selection involves evaluating the way each room serves your family and what you expect your home improvement products to do.

Are you looking for opportunities to bring in more natural light? Do you want a little extra ventilation? Need a safer option for your nursery or child’s playroom?

With 13 standard options in our portfolio, homeowners have access to myriad options that allow you to design custom-crafted replacement windows and patio doors for every room in your home.

  • Single-Hung windows have an operable lower sash that slides vertically, providing easy open and close access for ventilation and egress.
  • Tilt-to-Clean Double-Hung windows that let you clean interior and exterior glass from inside your home are built with two functioning sash, allowing you to lower the upper sash to capture a breeze without worrying about young children climbing or falling through an open window. In other settings, you can raise the lower sash.
  • Awnings & Hoppers are typically installed higher on the wall – in basements and hallways – but, they work in many settings where having a single, easy grasp level is preferred. Awnings “push” outward from a top hinge and hoppers tilt inward from a bottom hinge to accommodate diverse environments.
  • Stationary (fixed, in-operable) Options provide the fullest viewing area and the highest energy efficiency for homeowners. Since they don’t open, you never have to think about natural wear and tear on weather-stripping from daily use.
  • Casement Windows literally capture the breeze for enhanced airflow. Unlike many traditional windows that have vertical operation, casements have a multi-point latching system and side hinges. The unique design provides exceptional protection against air and moisture infiltration, boosting energy efficiency.
  • Gliders (Sliders) have one or more operable sash that move horizontally. Flanking patio doors with gliders gives you options to create glass walls with entryways. They also work well in areas where outward opening windows may interfere with exterior traffic patterns and other activities.
  • Bays and Bows create unique curb appeal, provide opportunities to add a bit more interior seating and floor space and allow plenty of natural light to flood your indoor spaces.
  • Specialty Glass comes in many geometric shapes and sizes, allowing you to add a subtle accent window or create a stunning focal point. Specialty options are stationary. Many Long Island homeowners choose this style for placement above entrance ways or as sidelights, transoms and under-the-eave applications.
  • Three basic Patio Door styles let you create seamless transitions from outdoor spaces to your interior. Low-profile sliding doors work well with almost any decorating scheme and don’t take up any floor space. Swing-in and swing-out French style patio doors give you options that don’t interfere with patio and balcony activities or enable you to maximize interior square footage.

Step #2: Select Your Glazing

ENERGY STAR certified glass choices give you the freedom to select panes based on the activity in each room and the surrounding environment outside. Every window in your home likely receives a slightly different amount of direct sunlight. Selecting appropriate glass for each room involves considering how much natural light you want to allow in, how many hours of full sun windows receive and whether you want added protection against UV rays that may fade carpeting or damage artwork.

Your Renewal by Andersen replacement window design consultant can help you compare Low-E glazing that eliminates up to 95% of UV light transmission and high-performance glass options designed to help you reduce energy consumption and lower heating and air conditioning bills.

Step #3: Accessorize for Convenience, Performance and Aesthetics

While operational style and glass options impact performance and energy-efficiency, we understand you want beautiful windows, too. Adding the final touches allows you to create beautiful indoor and outdoor features.

  • Choose from dozens of color combinations to compliment or contrast architectural features.
  • Add grilles for symmetry or as an eye catching design element.
  • Select hardware finishes and colors that tie your decorating theme together.
  • Install insect screens that banish pesky gnats and no-see-ums without compromising your view.
  • Opt for stainable/paintable interiors that let you perfectly match existing trim work.

Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows and Patio Doors: Sensible, Stylish or Simply Stunning

We’ve only touched the surface with the basics in this article. It would be a pleasure to help you consider high-performance home improvement products for your home. Reach us at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page for more details.

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