Designing replacement patio doors for your Long Island home can be an exciting journey. You’ll have opportunities to customize your entrances with modern doors that are easy to use and even easier to take care of. Throughout your journey, you can work with a Renewal by Andersen of Long Island expert who will guide you through choosing door styles, glass types, decorative features and optional accessories.

These tips will help you discover how your design choices will impact the way your home looks and how well your new windows complement your lifestyle.

#1. Ensure Your Patio Door Complements Your Architecture

We have three basic styles in our replacement patio door portfolio — a traditional sliding patio door, a traditional French-style hinged patio door and a French-style slider that looks amazingly like a traditional French door, but works well in compact spaces where a swing-out door would interfere with traffic patterns or furniture placement.

The best style for you offers a safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing solution. Carefully consider your deck or patio, interior space and decorating goals before deciding which style is best for your home.

#2. Choose Replacement Patio Door Glass for Your Environment

Modern glass does so much more than provide you with a crystal clear view of the world beyond your four walls. Today’s options allow you to control light levels, block harmful UV rays and even take advantage of the sun’s warmth to reduce heating expenses.

Selecting the correct glass for every window is essential. You may want to use a stronger glass in areas where you are concerned about potential security problems, or choose a decorative glass that allows plenty of natural light flow, but obscures the view.

Glass selection impacts energy-efficiency, indoor climate control, aesthetics, and privacy. Take time to explore each option fully before, and ask questions if you need help.

#3. Accessorize Your Patio Door Like a Pro

The most popular replacement window accessory is optional grilles. Grilles look fantastic on patio door styles that go well with traditional architecture. Of course, simple grille layouts can be used in contemporary homes, as well. Our customers in Queens and Far Rockaway often choose grilles as a simple, yet powerful decorative feature.

You can design your own grille pattern or choose from four standard options:

  • Colonial
  • Farmhouse
  • Prairie
  • Modified Prairie

More Patio Door Features & Options

When you meet with a replacement patio door specialist in your home, they will measure each existing patio door and then explain all your options for the following elements:

  • Exterior and Interior Colors
  • Frame options
  • Glass solutions
  • Grillles
  • Hardware, optional locks, extension wands and window guards
  • Insect screens (you get a free standard screen or you can upgrade to a TruScene)
  • Specialty Configurations
  • Styles (2 sliders and one swing-in/swing-out)

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Patio Doors: More Options for Your Home

Modern replacement patio doors are not like the ones that came on the market last century. Today, with modern technology, we can build customized entrance doors that will look beautiful and perform perfectly for decades. It is important to do your research before partnering with a brand because not every patio door is built with the same materials and manufacturing techniques.

Your patio door design journey doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. And, getting started is easy. Just dial 1-877-313-9052 and tell the operator you want to schedule a private, in-home consultation with a professional from your neighborhood. Or, fill in the short form on this page for more information.



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