Long Island Replacement Windows Help Health

Can replacement windows really help you live a healthy lifestyle on Long Island? Pursuing better health often means exercising, cutting back on fat-laden foods, sugar-saturated beverages and table salt. Shaving off just a few pounds may reduce both high blood pressure and risks for developing Type II diabetes as well as make you feel better and live longer. But, have you considered installing new replacement windows are a means to achieving a healthier lifestyle? No? Here are three reasons that maybe you should.

Improved Ventilation = Better Air Quality

We all need an ample supply of fresh, clean air to stay healthy. But, in an age where most people spend their days cooped up in an office with practically airtight conditions, and then return to homes that have indoor air polluted with animal dander, harsh chemicals, and airborne cooking grease, indoor air quality for most people on Long Island is atrocious. The Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air quality can be four to five times worse than outdoor air.

Our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island team understands how important it is to homeowners to prevent air and water leaks that can contribute to sky-high heating and cooling bills. However, although energy-efficient airtight windows and patio doors would eliminate dust, pollen, outdoor odors, mold and other airborne particles from sneaking into your home, living in a hermetically sealed home can create other problems. Without adequate air circulation to exchange “polluted” indoor air with clean, fresh outdoor air, we would all be less than optimally healthy. Unlike many other solutions to improve indoor air quality – like installing air exchange equipment to remove toxic air — opening a window is free and simple.

To improve indoor air quality in your home, open your windows on clear, moderate days and try these healthy tips.

  • Turn on kitchen and bath vents to remove moisture and contaminants from cooking and bathing.
  • Talk to your HVAC technician about “semi-controlled” ventilation systems for the basement and attic. Using a central return and exhaust fan to force polluted air outdoors reduces chemical overload and moisture.
  • Use the vent option on window fans and Heating/AC units to enable air exchange.

Ushering in More Natural Light For Better Health

If you live on Long Island, you know the risks of developing skin cancer if you spend too much time outdoors without proper sunscreen. But, did you know that natural sunlight may actually prevent some cancers? Studies have found a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and certain cancers, like breast and colon cancer. Spending some time in the sun each day supplies the Vitamin D your body requires on a daily basis.

Bathing your indoor spaces with natural sunlight streaming through your picture windows or new bay replacement windows has many other advantages for your health and wellness. For example, a bright, cheerful room lifts the spirits and may reduce mild depression symptoms. Sunlight is also necessary for melatonin productions, which is necessary for restorative sleep.

Less Stress for a Healthier You

Doctors often recommend people get more rest and replacement windows that significantly reduce noise transfer compared to aging, single-pane windows can help you get that rest. Another common recommendation is to lower stress. Almost everyone worries about something at least once in a while. Whether it is stress over finding a new job, escalating heating and cooling bills or illness, worrying is an unhealthy habit.

The advantages of replacing aging, drafty windows with ENERGY-STAR certified windows can give you less to worry about. For example, recessed door and window locks discourage would-be intruders from coming in uninvited. Tilt-in double-hung window styles make it easy to clean windows without running back and forth to get both glass surfaces and less time and energy spent worrying about getting the last smudge or streak. Installing patterned glass in areas where you need a bit more privacy reduces concerns that someone may see inside your home when you are changing or bathing. Designing replacement windows that allow you to take control of your budget, spend less time maintaining your home, and get a better night’s rest has to be better for your health.

Give Your Home a Lifestyle Makeover with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

It isn’t always easy in the fast-paced Long Island lifestyle to achieve a healthy lifestyle makeover. Giving up bad habits (overeating, drinking too much, sleeping too little) is hard for us. One simple step you can take to move closer to a healthier lifestyle is updating your windows and patio doors. You’ll want windows that don’t leak air and moisture and allow you to open the sash to encourage natural air circulation on moderate days. Naturally, you’ll want to bring in plenty of sunlight and block outside noises so you can rest better and get more productive sleep. And fewer worries it always a better thing –right? How can we help? Need for information about designing windows and patio doors for your Long Island home? Just fill in the short form on this page to request more information or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 to schedule an in-home consultation today.




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