Love the look of your old picture window, but tired of all the maintenance? Is it not as energy efficient as newer insulated picture windows? You can avoid all the problems with your old picture window by replacing it with a new window featuring energy-efficient glass, low-maintenance materials for the window frame around the glazing, and other important features.

While you’re in the process of replacing your picture window, you can also take the opportunity to choose a new, shape, grille pattern and style for your picture window. Here’s what you need to know.

#1. New Picture Windows Offer Improved Energy Efficiency

Take a look at your old picture window. Can you tell if it’s a dual pane window? Or is it a single pane fixture from years ago? Single pane windows were once common, and many picture windows on Long Island are made from single pane glazing. However, single pane windows are energy inefficient, causing your home to heat up in summer, and lose heat in winter, driving up your energy bills in all seasons.

Replacement picture windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island are made from dual pane, high-performance, low-E glazing. This type of glass prevents energy transfer at all times of year, and helps keep your home the temperature that you set on the thermostat. When you replace single pane windows with insulated glass, you can expect improved comfort in the room with the picture window, and less wear and tear on your heating and air conditioning systems.

#2. New Picture Windows Reduce Window Maintenance

If your current picture window is made from wood, you likely need to paint or refinish your windows on a periodic basis. New picture windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island have frames made of Fibrex, a composite wood material that never needs to be painted or refinished. With the occasional cleaning, your Fibrex material window frame should continue to look like new for years to come.

#3. New Picture Windows Offer Opportunity for New Window Grille Patterns

One of the great things about replacing your windows at home is the opportunity this presents to change the look of your windows, and thus the look of your entire home. When you’re selecting a new picture window for your home, one of the ways you can change the look of your window is by selecting a new window grille pattern.

Window grille patterns come in many standardized arrangements. Talk to your window dealer and installer to choose the grille pattern that matches your home style and your personal style.

Remember that window grilles from Renewal by Andersen also come in different types, including grilles that are contained within the glass (for easy cleaning) and grilles that appear on both sides of the glass. Check out these options at the nearest showroom to decide which grilles are right for your windows.

#4. Change the Style of Your Picture Window

Remember that you don’t have to replace your picture window with another picture window; you can choose another style of window altogether. From specialty shapes to casements to double hung to sliding (gliding) windows, Renewal by Andersen windows come in a full range of styles to suit your home and your preferences. Pick the window style that will look the best in your home.

Get Started with New Picture Window Replacement

Replacing your old picture window can make your home more comfortable and more attractive. You can get the best value out of your picture window replacement when you install a window from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. Get started by calling the toll-free number, 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page.


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