Halloween is coming soon! If you love to decorate for the holidays, we’ve got some ideas to make your windows the spookiest, silliest, funniest windows in the neighborhood. Decorating for the holidays can be enjoyable for you and the kids – and can help attract trick or treaters on the big night. See below for our four best ideas for making your windows Halloween-ready this October.

#1. Ghostly Apparitions

Replace your curtains with dainty lace. Next, hang, lean or press a form against the window that will appear as if emerging from the shadows on the other side.

This form can be a mannequin, poised as if to escape, a figure hanging from the rafters, or even a looming ghost (made from a sheet draped over a balloon, hung from the ceiling), dangling from an invisible string. Get creative and work with what you have at home. Light the room with an overhead light or a floor lamp from behind, to cast the item in shadow.

#2. Spooky Silhouettes

Many stores sell spooky silhouette window clings that attach easily to your windows. These window clings are usually black so that any light from behind will reveal the silhouette. Purchase a spooky silhouette window cling for your own, or make one from black cardboard.

If you’re making silhouettes from construction paper, some easy to make shapes include:

  • Witch
  • Ghost
  • Pumpkin

Get the kids involved! Have each of your children cut out their own spooky silhouette, then attach them to the windows and light them from behind. See some examples here.

#3. Halloween Illumination

Hang twinkly Halloween lights around your windows. Use plastic clips designed to hold twinkle lights, to avoid hammering nails into your window frame. If placing twinkle lights on the exterior of your home, use exterior-grade plastic clips, and remember to use an exterior-grade extension cord as well.

#4. Terrifying Web

Install an artificial spider web around your windows, crisscrossing the strands. Hang large “spiders” from the web (either homemade spiders or some purchased from a store), then illuminate the web with an orange, purple or a black light spotlight.

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