The decision to purchase replacement windows for your Long Island home should never be approached lightly. At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island we realize that investing in a personal residence is often one of the most significant financial investments a person will make during their adult life. Because we want you to make your decisions fully-informed, we’re highlighting five of the most common mistakes homeowners make when deciding which replacement windows and patio doors are best for their family.

1. Failing to Ask Enough Window Features Questions 

No one forgets to ask how much the project will cost . . . but they may forget to ask what is included in the initial quote. We have heard horror stories of people who thought they found a great deal, but when all was said and done, the add-on expenses for standard window screens and basic hardware were ridiculous. If this is your first time buying home windows, especially replacement window units, take a few minutes to read our eBook that describes the whole process from window design and style selection through installation and beyond. This will give you an idea of what type of questions to ask your window consultant as you look for a brand to work with.

2. Limiting Your Window Options

Some homeowners don’t consider all the different window styles available today. There are dozens of fixed and operable window styles, and innumerable options to go with them, so you can find a combination that works with every architectural style and decorating scheme. Assuming that because there is a picture window and two double-hung windows in the living room or a row of awning windows in the basement, that you must go back with the same styles, is counter-productive. Sometimes a different style is more appropriate. For example, replacing a picture window with a bay or bow configuration will automatically give you more options when it comes to furniture placement. Likewise, installing a slider window or double-hung window to replace awning windows within easy reach will eliminate problems where a window that opens outward could block walkways. The best replacement window style is the one that fits your lifestyle and personal decorating preferences.

3. Forgetting to Consider Your Home’s Future

Every homeowner may have a unique reason, or reasons, for choosing to upgrade their windows now. Some may be looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in their homes. Others may want a fresh new look and feel. Still others could be faced with remodeling a recently purchased fixer-upper. Whatever motivates you to install replacement patio doors and windows today, remember to consider what could happen in the future. Very few people buy only one home during their lifetime. If there is any possibility you will sell your home at some point, think about how your decisions today may impact the resale value later.

For example, we recently heard about a man who bought a home that was primarily furnished with fixed windows. The prior homeowner was looking for windows that wouldn’t leak air or moisture and chose to only include a single operable window in the rooms used most often. While it is true that fixed windows, otherwise known as picture windows, can be the most energy-efficient window on the market, operable windows enable healthy air circulation and temperature control during moderate seasons, not to mention enabling escape in an emergency. Modern, custom-built windows with Energy Star labeled glazing are very energy efficient. So, as you design your windows think about you and your family, but also consider these aspects that may improve resale value:

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Safety features
  • Design complements architectural style
  • Energy-efficiency ratings match regional climate
  • Permanent color options (i.e. Fibrex frames and trim) “fit” neighborhood themes

4. Hiring a Unqualified Window Installation Contractor

We cannot overstate the importance of hiring an installation contractors who know everything there is to know about the brand of windows they are working with. Every product warranty comes with certain requirements and restrictions. Renewal by Andersen’s exclusive warranty covers manufacturing defects and full two years of “after-the-installation” coverage that protects consumers against errors made during the installation process. Because we cover parts and labor, we only allow our replacement windows to be installed by carefully chosen, trained technicians. Hiring the wrong contractor could void your original warranty and create headaches for you if a problem comes up weeks or months after your project is completed.

5. Making Price the Only Window Purchase Factor 

We get it. Price matters. At the risk of sounding cliché, we’re going to quote an old adage that rings true today. “You get what you pay for.” If you’re looking for cheap, you can find that on the market. If you’re looking for over-priced windows and doors, you can easily find those, too. The important thing to remember is that value and cost are two vastly different animals. When a tight budget limits your options, it is better to consider staging your remodel over time than it is to simply choose the cheapest products on the market. You may get a “good deal” today, but you may find out you have to replace those low-priced windows in just a few years because frames warp, weather stripping fails or they don’t block drafts and moisture leaks.

Learn From Others’ Mistakes: Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island for More Details

We’ve talked with a lot of people who made some serious mistakes buying the “wrong” replacement window styles or choosing an unskilled contractor. If you’re serious about updating your home, take a minute to fill in the short form on this page, or call us at 877-313-9052 to schedule a personal consultation with a Renewal by Andersen window specialist today.

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