Happy “Almost Fall” from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island! Summer is fading fast. The children will be going back to school soon and that means the Halloween will be here before you know it. Less than a month later, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. Sorry to burst your summer bubble, but the holidays are just around the corner.

So, have you thought about your winter budget? While we are coming into a time of year when the scorching summer heat will give way to cooler mornings and evenings, it won’t be long until we will all be talking about ways to winterize the house and reduce the heating bill again.

The time to make money-saving updates to your home is before the cold weather hits, not after! Replacing your old, drafty windows now could save you money on your heating bill and make your home cozier than ever before, so you’ll be able to kick back in comfort and enjoy the holidays rather than worrying about heat loss, drafts, or high heating costs. If you needed more reasons to replace your windows before the holidays, this list should help!

1. Beat the Winter Weather

By replacing your windows with custom-built, energy-efficient replacement windows before the holidays, you’ll beat the worst of the winter weather. That means fewer drafts and cold air transfer as the nights become chilly, so your home will stay cozier than usual. And, by scheduling a window replacement before the cold weather blows in, you won’t have workers coming in and out to replace your windows when it’s already cold outside. Even though we have special cold weather window replacement procedures, there’s no getting around the fact removing a window, no matter how short the duration, is going to let a blast of cold air inside.

2. Prepare for Holiday Guests

Holidays are the time for company, dinner parties, and impromptu get-togethers. Making sure that your home is at its best beforehand is a surefire way to ensure your guests feel welcome and that you feel great about inviting them in. Plus, eliminating the drafts that often accommodate outdated, worn-out windows helps ensure that every seat in the house is comfortably warm, even if you have to pull extra seating into the nooks and corners where people don’t usually sit. If you put your Long Island home’s windows on order now, preparing for holiday gatherings will be less stressful and you can focus on spending time with your friends and family.

3. Update Your Style with Modern Replacement Windows

The changing seasons (especially pre-holiday seasons) offer a great excuse to make over your home’s appearance, and replacement windows often help you implement dramatic style upgrades. Replacing your windows can also spur other household updates—like new window treatments for the casement windows you chose to replace the single-hung styles, perhaps a different furniture arrangement, or an updated paint color to make your space feel fresh and new. Speaking of rearranging the furniture, if you’ve been wishing you had more space, you may consider adding a beautiful bay or bow configuration that gives you a bit more moving-around room, without investing in an expensive construction project or a full addition.

There’s nothing to motivate home decor updates like new windows and big events (like the holidays).

4. Capitalize on Efficiency Savings

Winterizing your home means sealing cracks, insulating pipes, stocking up on firewood, and making sure your furnace is in excellent working order. It makes sense to give your windows a check-up at the same time to make sure you’re not losing unnecessary warmth this winter. By going down a checklist of your home’s biggest energy hogs, you often end up keeping your house more comfortable and saving on your heating bill.

By the way, did you know that PSEG offers a way for every customer to potentially reduce their utility bills by participating in an energy conservation program? You can get more information directly from their website. Wouldn’t it be nice to update your home, save on heating and cooling costs and enjoy a more comfortable home this coming year?

5. Never Have to Replace Your Home’s Windows Again

High-quality replacement windows are built to provide exceptional service for as long as you live in your home. And, based on customer surveys over the past three decades, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the low maintenance beauty of your new windows, too. Plus, since Fibrex frames never need annual resurfacing to maintain their color and resist mold and mildew, you save time, too.

A Special Invitation from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

Still not sure about replacing your windows now? Scheduling an in-home consultation is free, and our expert craftsmen can inspect your current situation to evaluate the state of your windows as they are right now, as well as give you an idea of which windows need to be replaced the most and what options are available for your home.

We offer a full range of modern, high-performance replacement windows and patio doors you’ll be proud to show off to your guests, and an exclusive collection of hardware to give your home a touch of elegance and style. Please accept our invitation to explore home improvement solutions with a no-obligation, personal consultation with one of our professional window specialist today. Just fill in the short form on this page, or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 for more details.

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