Getting ready to replace the windows in your Long Island home with modern, high-performance replacement windows? You’ve come to the right place for information you’ll need to make wise decisions about which replacement windows to buy so you get the highest return for your investment. Below are five things every homeowner should consider before they decide which replacement windows are best for their home.

#1. Why Do You Want to Buy Replacement Windows?

By determining the why behind your decision to upgrade your Long Island home before you start looking at different replacement window brands, you position yourself to have more productive conversations with dealers and contractors.

  • Are you hoping to improve safety and security? Installing replacement windows with multi-point locking systems provide heightened security.
  • Do you want to replace single-pane windows to capture the benefits of energy-efficient windows? Look for Energy-Star labeled double-pane windows that offer better insulation.
  • Tired of spending so much of your free time maintaining aging windows? Looking for modern features that reduce water spots, prevent damage due to moisture absorption or to eliminate the arduous job of resurfacing your windows to keep them looking – and performing – great? Consider Fibrex composite window frames that never need resurfacing to resist mold, rot or mildew and advanced technology that eliminates water spots when exposed to direct sunlight.

#2. Who Will Install Your New Replacement Windows?

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island removes existing windows and installs your replacement windows with only skilled, experienced technicians because we guarantee our products and the installation. We provide you with a detailed installation plan so you know when we will arrive, how long the job will take and what to expect every step of the way — from choosing styles, accessories and colors through the manufacturing process and what to do if you have any problem in the future.

#3. When Do You Want To Get Started?

You shouldn’t have to deal with weeks or months of construction mess and noise to update your home’s windows. Because we value your time, we schedule the installation around your life – not our preferences. It will take a few weeks for the factory to build your custom windows, and unpredictable weather could move the date forward or back a day or two, but most jobs can be completed in one day, depending on how many windows you want to replace. Our goal is to never disrupt your life longer than absolutely necessary – we even clean up before we leave.

#4. What About The Appearance?

Like deciding why you want to make window and door replacement a priority, deciding how important the visual aspects of upgrading your home are will have a huge impact on the replacement window styles you choose. Since you don’t have to replace an existing window with the same style – you can replace a large picture window with a stunning bow or even a series of sliding windows – you have unlimited options. Do you want to mimic the original look and feel? Want to add some visual texture with geometric shapes or stay with traditional clean lines that come with rectangular or square fixtures? The “appearance factor” also includes deciding whether you want a narrow frame to expand your viewing area or a wider frame that complements architectural features. You may want to play around with our 3-D app that lets Long Island area homeowners see what different styles will look like in your home for inspiration.

#5. Where Do You Need Help Achieving Your Goals?

The where in this list of things to consider is multi-faceted. Where includes considering where your home is positioned on your lot in relation to other buildings and landscaping. Because we live in a climate where homeowners use air conditioning during hot, muggy summers and depend on heating appliances to keep our homes comfortable during the sometimes frigid months, you probably need some windows that take advantage of heat gain in the winter and others that block heat transfer in the summer. Our line of glass options includes several low-e glass types, so you can design your new windows to complement every window in every room – based on the lot orientation, how you use each room and what visual goals you have in mind. Remember, window styles do more than let you look outside, they also let you control how much natural light floods your spaces and allow you to manage air flow to keep your indoor spaces healthier and more comfortable.

How Can Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Make Your Replacement Window Project a Success?

Considering how updating your home will impact your safety and security is important. If your goal is give your home a more modern look, your windows can help with that, too. We’d love to help you explore options. Simply give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page and let us know how we can help.


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