Thinking about converting a portion of your Long Island home to a business office? Almost everybody has an area in their home that they use to pay bills and do other paperwork, even if it’s the kitchen table, but these days, it’s becoming more common for Long Islanders to dedicate an entire room for use as a home office.

Plenty of businesses are run out of a home, or what was originally designed as a single-family or multi-family house, these days. Doctor’s offices, accountants and other professional services are often run out of a “home office”. But before you repurpose a room, an addition, or an attached garage for customer traffic, make sure your neighborhood is zoned for commercial activities. Once you have the necessary permits, you’ll want to draft a remodeling plan that covers everything from adding dedicated utility connections so you can separate personal use from business use to installing replacement windows to modernize the space and improve energy efficiency.

5 Steps Before You Start Remodeling

Step #1: Visit the Building Department for Permits

Plan a date to visit the permitting and zoning offices. You can do this before you work on your draft, or after you have a working plan in place – just don’t start tearing down walls or any major construction without acquiring the proper paperwork.

Step #2: Enlarging or Remodeling, or Both?

Decide if you want to enlarge the space or schedule any major construction to make the business space more functional. Inspect windows and doors for damage such as torn or missing weather stripping and operational issues such as doors that stick and windows that won’t stay open without a prop. During this phase, make necessary repairs, hire a contractor, and order replacement windows and/or doors as a first step in controlling indoor comfort and air quality.

Tip: You usually don’t have to get a permit to install replacement windows or doors.

Step Three: Heating & Air Conditioning Your New Space

Explore heating and air conditioning systems. Both buying systems that are too small or too large can result in higher operating costs. The smaller system will meet your needs and will likely fail prematurely while paying for more system than you need is a waste of money both initially and in ongoing operating costs. Consult a professional for help to determine the type and size of system you’ll need for your office setting.

Tip: Contact utility companies to arrange for separate electric, gas and water meters before you purchase and install new appliances and fixtures.

Step Four: Draft a Floor Plan

Draft a floor plan. During this phase you will decide whether you want to add a customer restroom, if you need a kitchenette/snack area for customer use (or yourself and employees), work station design and identify spaces for use as waiting areas, customer service counters and storage.

Tip: Obviously, an alterations business would need a different layout than a real estate or insurance company office. Take time to thoughtfully consider your business workflow when drafting a floor plan or layout.

Step Five: Decorating

Decorate for success. Update paint and other wall coverings and flooring. Select furniture, light fixtures, ceiling fans, desk lamps, drapery, and accent pieces. If you have ordered replacement windows and patio doors, you can schedule major construction prior to the installation or after at your convenience.

Let the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Home Remodeling Experts Help You Plan Your New Office Space!

Over the past quarter century our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window team has helped many of our friends and neighbors convert living spaces into home offices. We can help you convert your addition to a beautiful, customer-friendly office with a separate entrance with modern, energy efficient replacement windows and patio doors.

We invite you to learn more about our beautiful home improvement products. Just fill in the short form on this page or call 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a free, no-obligation home visit to discuss which replacement window styles and accessories are a good fit for you!


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