long-island-replacement-patio-doorsAt Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we understand replacing your patio doors may be an overlooked part of your remodeling plans. You have a lot to think about when planning your home renovation project. Should you interview and hire a general contractor, meet with interior decorators to pick out new fabric for drapes and upholstery, selecting floor coverings and appliances for the rooms you plan to upgrade. Or should you go the DIY route and invest your nights and weekends for the next several months toward getting it done yourself.

Whichever way you go, if you haven’t decided whether to update your patio doors, you may be missing an opportunity to significantly enhance your home’s value and your family’s comfort. Here are five ways that replacement doors can add significant value to your spaces and ensure your ultimate satisfaction with your project when it’s complete.

#1 Lower Costs & Increase Savings

True, patio doors might not be the most glamorous detail in your home renovation project, but don’t discount their importance in controlling your heating and air condition expenses and maintaining, or improving, your home’s property value. Upgrading your Long Island home with ENERGY STAR windows and patio doors could save you hundreds of dollars every year if your home has single-pane units, especially if any of them have broken panes, warped frames or holes that let conditioned air leak outside. If you plan to list your home anytime in the near future, buyers will be impressed with new replacement patio doors and windows that are eco-friendly and certified as high-performance home improvement products.

#2 Customized to Perfection: Replacement Patio Doors Complement Every Architectural Style

Whether you want to create a jaw-dropping focal point, or you simply want to install new patio doors to replace unsightly, hard-to-open doors that are inconvenient and dragging down your property value, you have options today that were not available just a few years ago. Modern technology allows homeowners to enjoy energy efficient patio doors for a broad range of building styles from classic and elegant to sleek and contemporary.
Minimalists may prefer simple sliders with a low-profile that don’t attract the eye or interfere with traffic patterns. Others may be looking for something a bit more formal. Perhaps, hinged French-doors that swing-in or swing-out with matching grille patterns to complement other architectural features. No matter what impression you want to project, you can be certain your doors will be a perfect fit since Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement doors and windows are custom built to fit the opening left when your existing door or large window is removed.

#3 Light up Your Interior Spaces

Natural light makes your home sparkle and shine. When you don’t have to keep your patio doors dressed in heavy drapes to keep cold air from flowing in during the winter and early spring, you can take advantage of sunlight to accentuate your favorite decorative pieces with natural light. Your house plants won’t go through the winter blahs with more light to promote healthy growth and you may find your mood is better throughout the season. Our bodies crave light, and without enough sunlight every day you may experience mood fluctuations and perpetual sluggishness. Choose trim and frame colors and styles that reflect your personality and your home’s character, but remember, light not only makes your indoor spaces more beautiful, it also has many health benefits for your family.

#4 Replacement Patio Doors Give You Back Your Free Time

Advanced technology and new construction materials, like Fibrex frames, eliminate the need for annual repair and maintenance to prevent or remediate damage from mold, rust, rot, mildew and other moisture damage. Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekends playing golf or playing with your kids and grandkids than scraping, priming, and painting the patio door frames and trim?

#5 Enhancing Your Safety & Security

When an emergency happens, such as a fire inside your home, you need quick exit options. Aging, sagging patio doors that are hard to open can slow you down. Your new patio doors will give you peace of mind you won’t have to struggle with a door that swells during rainy, high-humidity days or a slider than refuses to glide. Plus, recessed locking mechanisms discourage would be intruders. Want more privacy? Consider a patterned glass that allows the glorious sunlight to come in without allowing people outside to see indoors.

Consider Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Patio Doors to Enhance Your Home Improvement Project

Replacing your patio doors can add another layer of security, improve the appearance of your Long Island home inside and outside and help keep your family more comfortable while reducing heating and air conditioning bills. Need more information about replacement patio doors and all the benefits they offer. Take a minute to fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 for a complimentary consultation.

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