Long Island Replacement Windows Save TimeLike most of our friends and neighbors living on the island, those of us on the Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors team live hectic, busy lives. It seems like everyone is in a hurry these days. Hurry to work. Try to pack as much into each day as fast as you can so you can get home again to spend time with the family. Rush, rush, rush. Who doesn’t long for a slower pace and simplicity once in a while? We can’t suddenly put the brakes on and stop during all those things we have to do every day, but there is some good news. Did you know that replacement windows offer many ways to free up some time and make your life easier?

Here are 5 Ways Replacement Windows Can Help Simplify Your Life

#1 They Are Easier to Clean Than Outdated Home Windows

Modern technology and factory applied coatings on Renewal by Andersen window glazing make it possible to build windows that practically clean themselves. Well, not exactly, but new windows repel water spots thanks to a special coating that activates naturally when hit by direct sunlight. And, tilt-in-to-clean double-hung windows and casement windows that open to 90 degrees make it possible to clean both exterior and interior glass surfaces from inside your home. Now, don’t have to run back and forth trying to get that last stubborn spot on the outside buffed away. Most window styles in our portfolio allow you to clean everything from indoors, which saves you hundreds of steps and lots of time.

Another key feature of high quality replacement windows is they don’t require specialty cleansers or all ton of equipment to get them clean. For most window cleaning jobs all you’ll need is a mild detergent solution (or vinegar and water) a couple of lint-free cloths and a squeegee. Check out our short videos http://www.renewalbyandersen.com/homeowner-help/window-care-maintenance.aspx that show you how to remove grilles and screens and offer tips for cleaning your windows safely and efficiently.

#2 Replacement Windows that Can Nearly Eliminate Maintenance
Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the annual maintenance required to keep your wood frame and trim from rotting away or trying to straighten out the dings and scratches in metal windows? Thanks to advanced technology and modern science, you can access the strength and stability of wood and the no-rot characteristics of vinyl with Fibrex composite materials. That means instead of spending time visiting the hardware store to buy supplies and hours scraping off paint and patching damaged wood, you can relax and enjoy your time off doing something more pleasurable. It’s still a good idea to check your weather stripping once in a while, but if you buy replacement windows with an excellent warranty, you won’t have to invest your precious time on annual maintenance and repair just to keep your windows performing perfectly and looking fantastic for many, many years after the installation.

#3 Modern Custom-Built Windows Enhance Indoor Comfort
If you’ve been living with aging windows for a while, you already know how hard it is to keep your indoor temperature steady. Gaps and leaks allow outdoor air to sneak inside and all your perfectly heated or cooled air to flow outdoors unchecked. It costs more money to keep your indoor climate comfortable when your windows aren’t doing their job properly. Why keep turning the dial up and down when you can find a comfortable temperature, set it and forget it?

#4 Fresh Air & Sunshine Boost Your Immune System
Everyone benefits from fresh air and sunshine. Natural light elevates your mood and provides all the vitamin D your body needs to get a better night’s sleep, have more energy and feel fewer aches and pains. Bringing in the sunshine is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to make their home brighter and more inviting. So, Energy-Star certified windows don’t just help you save money on your heating and air conditioning bills, they may help you stay healthier and feel better.

Plus, opening the sash to circulate fresh air throughout your home when the weather is moderate helps flush out airborne debris. Replacing stale air with fresh air helps “de-germ” your home after someone has been ill, too. Just a few minutes a day (even during the winter) is enough to flush out impurities and germs in the air. To avoid accidental falls through an open window, be sure to use window guards when airing out the nursery or playroom.

#5 Windows Expand Decorating Options
When it comes to decorating, replacement windows really pull their weight. Whether you want to showcase your windows, or you’re more interested in designing windows that complement an existing decorating scheme, you have virtually unlimited color combinations, a wide selection of hardware styles and finishes, glass options, and different trim and frame widths that allow you to accomplish your vision. Simply put, you can change your decorating scheme as often as you want, or design your windows to look beautiful without changing a thing for as long as you live in your home.

Simplify Your Life with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

We’re all busy. Finding ways to simplify your life is a good thing. If you need some inspiration, visit our Facebook page. If you want more information about Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors, we invite you to fill in the short form on this page or give us a call toll-free at 1-877-313-9052.


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