Owning a home with new windows can be a wonderful experience, especially if you’re replacing older windows that are inefficient, unattractive and difficult to use. So what happens when you replace old windows? Here’s a taste of what you can expect following your window replacement from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island.

#1. Energy Bills Go Down with New Windows

Especially if you’re replacing single-pane windows, your new windows will improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce the burden on your HVAC system and consequently reduce your home’s utility bills. Some government research shows that homeowners can save up to $500 per year with new windows when they replace old, inefficient drafty windows.

#2. Curb Appeal Goes Up with New Windows

New windows are beautiful! When you replace those old windows with new Renewal by Andersen windows with frames made from Fibrex material, you’ll be amazed what a difference it makes. You’ll notice an even bigger difference if you choose to install windows of a different style from your existing windows. Play with grille patterns and window colors to ensure that your new windows are perfect for your home and your lifestyle.

#3. Home Value Goes Up with New Windows

When you replace your old windows with high-value, high-quality windows, your home’s value can go up. Some experts estimate that the Return on Investment in new windows is as high as 80%. If you’re thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future, installing replacement windows will make your home a more attractive property to buyers.

#4. Comfort Levels Increase with New Windows

Does your home feel stuffy in the summer, or maybe chilly in the winter? This could be because your windows are allowing energy transfer between your home’s interior and exterior. Replacing your windows with energy efficient Renewal by Andersen of Long Island products will stop discomfort caused by drafts around your windows. You’ll spend less time playing with the thermostat, and more time enjoying yourself while inside your home.

#5. New Windows Improve Overall Quality of Life

Home improvements like window replacement can help improve your quality of life overall. With a more comfortable, more attractive, higher-value home, you’ll enjoy improved quality of life. The world gets a little better and brighter when you make important home improvements like window replacement.

Convinced It’s Time for Window Replacement? Get Started Today

Replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island are made to improve your home’s efficiency, functionality, beauty and value. With durable window frames made from Fibrex material, energy-efficient low-E glass and beautiful styles to match your home, new windows can improve your quality of life for years to come. To set up your initial consultation, call Renewal by Andersen of Long Island using the toll-free number 1-877-313-9052 or fill out the short form on this page.


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