Bathroom windows can sometimes create decorating challenges for our Long Island customers. Because the spaces are often small, you want to take advantage of every last ray of natural light, but you need to protect your privacy as well. There are some creative ways to obscure the view, without blocking that beautiful sunlight. These Renewal by Andersen of Long Island tips will help you find some clever ways to use your new Renewal by Andersen replacement windows to manage light levels, and privacy, in the bathroom.

Tip 1: Leave Your Windows Au Natural

If you have a bathroom window that doesn’t face a neighbor’s yard or the street, you may be able to simply skip the window treatments all together. A large picture window, or low-profile slider, will give you an expanded view of your garden or the natural landscaping beyond the glass. You can use the steady stream of sunshine with strategically placed windows that bounce the light into corners and accent artwork or intricate tile detailing.

Tip 2: Build a Screen to Shield Your Replacement Windows

Standing accordion screens, those three panel frames that you can fill with stretched fabric, metal work or painted wood centers, make wonderful bathroom accents. When positioned a couple of inches away from your windows, you will still get plenty of light streaming in, but no one on the outside will be able to see inside.

Tip 3: Accent Your Windows from the Outside

Rather than using a standing screen indoors, consider a lattice trellis and vining plants. Your local nursery can help you choose seasonal plants for every season that will thrive here on Long Island. Remember, you don’t ever want to permanently attach anything to your Fibrex frames using nails or screws because you could damage them, potentially causing air and moisture leaks. Instead, hang your trellis from the eaves or lean the structure against your home and use anchors to keep it firmly in the ground.

Tip 4: Let Patterned Glass Do the Work For You

Whether you have a small awning window for ventilation, a large single- or double-hung window or a stunning wall of glass created by several different window units, you can use Energy-Star certified patterned glass to obscure the view in areas of the room where you want to heighten privacy. By using patterned glass, you eliminate the need for curtains or shades, still get some natural light and add a unique decorating element to your space.

Tip 5: Check Out Professional Designs

If you haven’t installed your new replacement windows yet, and you’re think about a total home makeover, before you nail down your renovation plans, check out these bathroom tips from Houzz. Notice the section about installing a narrow row of windows near the floor for a stunning view that keeps your privacy intact. If you think any of these window ideas would be perfect for your home, talk to your replacement window specialists. We can probably help you recreate something similar based on your home’s architectural features and overall energy-efficiency goals.

Choosing Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows to Enhance Privacy

Many people automatically assume you have to hang thick fabric curtains or expensive shades to obscure the view through bathroom windows, but you actually have dozens of options from honeycomb and solar shades to heavy drapes and patterned glass. You can bring the outdoors in, or let the indoors out, so to speak.

If you haven’t installed modern, high performance replacement windows and patio doors in your Long Island home, we invite you to stop by our showroom to see our beautiful patterned glass options. If you’d prefer, you can fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052. Just tell the specialist who answers the phone you’d like to schedule an in-home private consultation.


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