When you replace your Long Island home’s windows you may be motivated by the desire to lower your heating and air conditioning bills. Or, you may be more concerned about capturing a better view beyond the window glass from inside. Or, you just want to get rid of the tired, worn out view from the street. Whatever motivates you to consider replacement windows for your home, at Renewal by Andersen, we want you to have the information you need – and deserve – to make wise financial decisions.

Decades of experience serving our neighbors on Long Island have taught us that when consumers are well-informed, they make decisions they are comfortable with and they are more likely to be happy with their choices. Part of our commitment to ensure you get high-quality home improvement products and service includes a guaranteed installation process completed by our carefully screened crews who know best how to install your new replacement windows so they perform perfectly for years to come.

Installing beautiful, energy efficient replacement windows for your Long Island home creates a comfortable environment with abundant natural light to brighten your indoor spaces. How much light streams through the windows and how well you manage energy consumption often depends on the styles you choose, so we want to give you a quick description of six of the most popular replacement window styles in our portfolio.

Sliding Replacement Windows

People who want an exceptional view and easy cleaning often choose sliding, or gliding, replacement windows. The narrow profile provides a larger viewing area than other operable windows, and you can choose to add grilles or leave them off. The easy to maintain tracks, and lift out design that makes it easy to clean both surfaces from inside your home give you a no-stress, no-hassles option that is perfect for areas where a swing-out window could block traffic patterns on walkways and patios.

Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Unlike sliders, which move vertically, double-hung windows have two operable sash that move up and down. This window style works well with most architectural style homes, whether you want to add a bit of elegance or are looking for something a bit more modern. Two check rail options give you the flexibility to design a window unit that complements your home’s features perfectly.

Bay Windows & Bow Windows

Although bay and bow window configurations are slightly different, both offer homeowners opportunities to bring in more natural light, increase air circulation, and add a unique visual element to your street-facing view. Bow windows have a gentle curve compared to bay windows which are usually a bit more boxy. The angular appearance of bay configurations allow homeowners to create a small sitting area or add a window seat with storage without investing in an expensive addition project. Visit our inspiration gallery to see some of the stunning bay and bow configurations past customers have designed.

Casement Replacement Windows

Casement windows, like all Renewal by Andersen of Long Island operable styles, are available in dozens of color combinations and come with free standard window screens. What makes casements stand out from the rest is the side hinges that allow you to open the window fully to capture the breeze more efficiently. And, this style has the highest energy-efficiency rating of all operable windows in our portfolio.

Fixed Replacement Windows

While these windows don’t open to let in the fresh air, you can capture a clear view of your outdoor environment with a large picture window or use stationary windows as side lites, or as transoms over an entrance door. You may want to add a patterned glass window that creates a beautiful, artistic touch while adding some privacy in the bathroom. Choose from four patterns that obscure the view without blocking the natural light.

Every window style in our portfolio gives you opportunities to create the look and feel in each room that best fits your lifestyle and your decorating preferences. Exclusive hardware finishes let you add the details to personalize your spaces.

Choosing the Right Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window for Your Home is Easier With a Little Help From Your Friends

These six versatile styles offer something for every home, and every room in your home. The style you choose often depends on why you are looking for new windows. Read this article to learn more about the advantages of each style, then fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 to schedule an in home consultation.

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