Long Island Replacement Windows FactsIf you’ve been straddling the fence trying to decide whether to upgrade your Long Island home with replacement windows and patio doors, you might be wondering what makes Renewal by Andersen of Long Island home improvement products any different from other brands. Here are six things you might not know about our windows and our company.

#1 Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window & Patio Door Glass Almost Cleans Itself

Cutting-edge technology applied at the glass factory repels water spots when activated by direct sunlight. Plus, tilt-in and lift-out sash designs allow you to clean both surfaces from inside your home with a simple solution of mild detergent and tap water. The only tools you need are a soft, lint-free cloth to apply the solution and one to wipe it off. You can use a squeegee if you prefer, but it isn’t necessary to get streak-free, crystal clear views. Fewer steps to take, no chemicals or supplies to purchase and less elbow grease required.

#2 Getting the Most Benefit From Your Replacement Windows or Patio Doors on Long Island

A superior window design is only as good as the installation. Even top-rated ENERGY-STAR certified windows will fail to perform as intended if they aren’t installed precisely according to manufacturing guidelines. That’s why we always hand-select skilled technicians and train them to install our windows perfectly every time. Long Island homeowners can have 100 percent confidence they will get the most out of their investment because we provide a full two-year warranty that covers parts and labor associated with installation – that is twice as long as some of our competition on the Island. Our exclusive 20/2/10 warranty is fully-transferrable should you decide to sell your home at some point in the future, which provides additional re-sale value to would-be buyers.

#3 Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows Help You Achieve ‘Green’ Goals

The Andersen Corporation, our parent company, has some of the most rigorous sustainability standards for manufacturing in the industry. If you are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, you can be certain choosing Renewal by Andersen as your home improvement partner is a great choice, for you and our planet. Our patented Fibrex frames, which are made with up to 40% reclaimed wood and fiberglass components, are built to last for as long as you live in your home. That means less landfill waste during manufacturing and built-in durability and stability to control energy consumption for years after installation.

#4 Even the Smallest Details Can Make a Huge Statement & Increase Your Satisfaction

One of the many benefits of designing your own replacement windows with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is your ability to create truly one-of-a-kind windows. Standard grille patterns may be applied as a continuous pattern that covers both sash or to upper sash or lower sash only, or as a unique decorating element to enhance historical accuracy. Did you know that you can sketch your own grille patterns and our design team works with you to select the best widths and placement options to achieve your visual goals? Check rail widths and styles allow you to incorporate traditional or contemporary styling and our exclusive line of hardware includes options that fade into the overall aesthetic of the window or stand out in a bold and beautiful way that attracts attention.

#5 Special Customization and Visualization Tools Help You See Your Windows Before You Spend a Penny

We understand it is hard to accurately visualize what a particular window style, color or configuration combination will look like installed in your home. That’s why we offer two unique solutions for our Long Island homeowners to help them “imagine” a bit more clearly. If you want to see the difference a curved check rail makes compared to a traditional check rail, or how subtle changes to trim width influence the overall appearance of windows, use our Visualization App. Simply take a photo of your home, wait just a few moments while the application creates a 3-D image of your home, and then review virtual snapshots that show what different window and patio door features will look like in your home. You can choose trim width, check rail styles, grille patterns and more to create dozens of combinations to get a better idea of how customization impacts visual appeal. Or, you can check out our online photo gallery that shows some of the unique configurations and color combinations for diverse window style.

#6 Installing Replacement Windows Should be a One-Time Experience

Unless you move to another home, you should never have to replace your replacement windows and custom-built patio doors more than once. Fibrex frames and check rails are built to resist moisture damage and stand up to extreme temperature variations without fading or warping. Plus, Fibrex improves the overall insulation rating of the window unit. And, low-E glazing options allow you to customize glass panels to each room in your home so you can protect your artwork and furnishings in the library from harmful UV rays or improve cold-weather performance in north-facing rooms with options that let you take advantage of solar heat gain during the winter months. By custom designing each replacement window, our Long Island neighbors have more opportunities to get the exact look they want while saving money on heating and cooling bills throughout the seasons.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s Commitment to Excellence in Replacement Windows:

High-Quality, Custom-built, Home Improvement Products Designed for Long-Lasting Beauty & Superior Performance

If you’re ready to get started building your new replacement windows, give us a call at 1-877-313-9052. In a rush, but want more information? Fill in the short form on this page and we’ll get right back to you.


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