6 Long Island Replacement Window Tips

Consider Your Window Views From Both Angles, Inside & Outside

When building a new home, many people spend weeks, maybe months, searching for a lot in a desirable area within proximity to work, school and activity hubs. When they’ve finally chosen the perfect lot, they spend hours, maybe weeks, considering orientation – placement on the lot that enables the best views and exposure to natural surroundings.

If you’re remodeling or upgrading an existing home, every room deserves a beautiful view. Window design styles and accessories influence your view and your interiors. Capturing your view of the outside world is essential for health and comfort.

Here are six things to consider as you plan your Long Island home improvement project.

  1. Natural Light Is As Important As Nutrition

Just as native plants reach toward the sun for warmth and energy, humans thrive in an environment bathed in natural sunlight. Ensuring your home has a natural light source is essential for health and vitality. Even if the outside view isn’t especially beautiful, framing your view with beautiful windows will enhance the effect.

  1. High Windows ‘Raise the Roof’

In rooms where windows are installed off the floor, maximizing light is more important than showcasing your view. Since clerestory windows typically enhance the overall architectural design, many homeowners choose to leave their fixed panels plain rather than installing grilles. A row of awning windows or hoppers under the roofline will enable ventilation and still give the appearance of a floating roofline.

  1. Consider Directional Orientation When Choosing Replacement Windows

Choosing window styles for each room is crucial not only for improving energy management, but also for comfort. When choosing individual replacement window styles for your rooms, consider the lot orientation. Seasonal changes, trees that cast shade and directional considerations (whether windows face north, south, east or west). The proper glazing choice for each room allows you to leverage seasonal changes to your advantage – blocking heat transfer during the summer and enabling solar heat gain during colder months.

  1. Replacement Windows Don’t Have to Be Boring

Interesting configurations take advantage of gorgeous views and create appealing vistas from inside your home and from outside looking in. There’s really no hard and fast design rules. You can chose from styles with fluid, curvilinear lines or boxier windows with clear straight lines.

Custom-built window styles include squares, triangles, half-circles, trapezoidal, rectangles and full circles, among other shapes. You may even want to design a window with contrasting grille and glazing shapes. A variety of sizes and shapes create intriguing visual interest. On the other hand, installing the same- sized and shaped windows throughout your home adds balance and symmetry.

  1. Your View is Nature’s Art; Be Sure to Frame It Right

Treat your view like the masterpiece it is – a natural piece of art, worthy of appreciation. Bringing nature into your home creates a harmonious balance between outdoor and indoor spaces. Color choices and finishes frame your view in the best possible light. If you’re showcasing a view of your garden, try to incorporate similar colors on your frames and trim. Stainable interiors allow you to customize indoor elements to precisely match that shade of tree bark or wooden trellis supporting your climbing rose bushes.

  1. Choose the Right Windows for the View

Capturing a stunning view of the harbor may include choosing sliding patio doors with crystal clear glass, low-profile frames and narrow trim to create a sleek, modern appearance. Perhaps you live in an area where nightfall brings a glimmering view of the cityscape that mesmerizes and enchants viewers. In these situations you’ll want to concentrate on the view from inside your home. However, almost every homeowner faces a few challenges. Transparent glass may not be the best option in bathrooms where privacy is a priority. Selecting opaque or patterned glass is also an option for homeowners who want to shield a “bad” view of the row of trash receptacles in the alley or other negative elements.

You can take cues from nature surrounding your home when you design replacement windows and patio doors to make sure your home improvement products don’t compete with a jaw-dropping view. Or, you can be inspired to create beauty through window design choices.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island: Replacement Windows Reinvent Your Views

Every room truly does deserve a wonderful view. Ready to learn more about capturing your views with new replacement windows and patio doors? Give us a call to schedule a no-obligation home consultation. Reach us toll-free at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page for more information.

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