If you have beautiful, new Energy Star replacement windows and patio doors throughout your Long Island home or are considering getting them, you may be exploring window treatment solutions to showcase your home improvement project. Whether you want to showcase the focal-point bay window in the den or add some extra light control in the bedroom, window dressings can help you achieve your goals. This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island blog post is all about finding the perfect options for your home.

#1. Dressing Your Bays & Bows

It has been said that bay and bow windows are “an architectural delight,” but some people have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing the right window dressing. Bay and bow window configurations let in tons of natural light, and add a touch of elegance to every room. The good news is that there are dozens of ways to accent these versatile home windows. The next three ideas would do well when double-hung or casement windows are used to build a beautiful new bay window for your Long Island home.

#2. Install Individual Curtains, Drapes or Shades

Individual curtains, drapes or shades mounted inside the frame of each window panel for a clean, no-fuss solution that doesn’t require curved rods or fancy hardware.

#3. Treat Window Groups as a Single Unit

Treat the window group as a single unit, with with drapery or curtains that hang outside the bay. When open, the panels frame the area. When closed, the treatment creates a simple, straightforward approach that hides your storage and seating area from view. Use contrasting textures and colors that coordinate with the other fabrics and hues in your space to tie the scheme together.

#4. Use Roman Shades for a Stunning Effect

Create a stunning effect by installing custom-made Roman shades perfectly sized to each replacement window in the bay. When mounted on the outside of the molding, individual shades fit together, resembling one long valance when open. If you want a slightly different look, install a true valance, and stretch cafe curtains across the width of the bay near the midsection.

#5. Create a Stunning Look for the Kitchen

If you want to add a light, airy feel in the kitchen, consider interior plantation shutters. Mounted inside the molding, half shutters that cover the bottom of each window and a gently pleated valance to cover the upper portion offer a non-traditional window treatment that allows plenty of natural light to flood your spaces, while controlling afternoon glare and adding a touch of privacy when closed.

#6. Block the Light for a Restful Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your health and wellness. While one of the advantages of updating your home with modern, high-performance replacement windows is ushering in an abundance of sunlight, when it is time to turn in for the night, many people prefer a dark room.

There are hundreds of types of room-darkening curtains and shades, but not all are created equal. And, the way you mount your window treatments may leave slivers of light shining around the edges. Room-darkening roller shades mounted inside the frame, eliminate most, if not all, of the light that typically sneaks in around the sides of shades mounted on the outside of the window frame. This solution works for all window styles except specialty shapes, such as octagons, triangles and circle windows.

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