Homeowner Couldn’t Be Happier with Her New Replacement Windows …

Or Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island recently completed one of its largest replacement window installations in Suffolk County, NY and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you. We installed over 60 windows over four days in this beautiful house on the water in Shoreham.

This was a challenging job not just because of the sheer number of windows, but because the extremely windy location right on the Long Island Sound. The December installation during extremely cold temperatures, and even a snow storm, proved the value of Renewal by Andersen’s Winter Installation Method which minimizes opening the home to the outside climate.

While the entire 60+ window installation took just four days, you can watch a time lapse video of the installation in just four minutes below. Notice how the snow “magically” appears on the roof and ground as the video progresses through time.

The owners of this beautiful home had put off replacing their windows because they had some serious concerns regarding the size of the project (60+ windows!), the extensive custom decorating they had previously completed, the timing right before the holidays (note the holiday decorations in the photos in the link below), the climate, and a number of other things.

Check out some of the photos of the completed job here.

Shoreham, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY Replacement Windows & Doors

One Very Satisfied Customer

While we’re always proud of our crews and the hard work they put in on every job, but what’s most rewarding is when our satisfied customers tell us how happy they are with our products and our entire replacement window sales and installation system. Of course, in a project this large (it’s really like multiple jobs in one), the potential for dissatisfaction is large. This customer was so happy with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s performance that she agreed to be recorded talking about her experience. Here’s what she had to say…

Why did you replace your windows?

“We replaced our windows and doors because we had some problems with many of the mechanisms. We had many of them that the seals were broken, but I think one of the biggest issues is that we had a lot of mold that had gotten into the wood and we were concerned about that.

“We chose Renewal by Andersen because I had done some research about the windows that we had in the past and Renewal by Andersen was the only [replacement window] company that I found that had the process of coming and looking and the purchasing and installation of the windows and I felt like it was a whole complete package and I felt very comfortable, my husband and I both felt very comfortable that that would be a good option for us since there were so many windows to be replaced.”

What Convinced You to Replace Your Windows Now?

“We’ve been planning to do our windows for a very long time and along the way we knew that some were in more need than others but to be honest the thought of destroying the window frames and the wallpaper that I very much loved and all of the things that went along with it was almost too much to contemplate so we kept putting it off as long as we could knowing that maybe we would find a solution, which is what we found, that would accommodate all of the things that we were thinking about. And Renewal by Andersen actually did that because in the process of doing the windows nothing truly was disturbed. The exterior frames of the windows … I should say on the inside of the house, there was nothing that was damaged or disturbed in any way. The wallpaper is more than intact. Some of the rooms had new decorating done to them so that was an important consideration from our standpoint. It was the perfect scenario.”

How was your experience with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island?

“It was the perfect experience actually. I can’t say enough about them. From Brian Webb coming and doing the first initial sales experience and explaining the windows and the process of doing the windows and so on. He made us some promises that were truly kept. The house was not disturbed, the workers were organized, unbelievably fast, respectful, cleaned up. The house really was perfectly fine after they left. I had visions of being concerned about cleanup, especially because it was done before the holidays and up until the very last window was replaced the other day I can’t say enough. Everyone called … there were many people that checked on what was going on in the process. I can’t say enough about it. I wouldn’t say I would want to do it again, but if I did, they would definitely be the people I would call, because they have a very organized organization. We’re very pleased with the outcome.”

How was the installation process?

“The installation process was amazing! The staff that came, Manny being the head, were unbelievably organized and efficient. I was amazed at what they did. We had an instance here on the porch where there was a lot more water damage and they attended to the whole thing having to replace some things that they didn’t anticipate. I can’t say enough about the installers. They were absolutely wonderful. Manny gets a star from me because not only is he knowledgeable but he’s an amazing person so I appreciated all of his experience and it certainly showed here at our home.

Anything you would like to add?

“We live in an area that’s very windy. We live by the water and the air moving through the house and the temperature of the house in the wintertime was an important factor I guess, when you look back, in changing the windows. Since the windows have all been changed, it is amazingly warm in this house even on a windy day. You can’t even detect that it’s windy because it’s very quiet and peaceful, but we definitely feel that it’s going to be a savings when it comes to our energy because the house definitely keeps its temperature, which it didn’t prior to the installation of the windows. It’s just another reason to be happy.”

Would you recommend Renewal by Andersen of Long Island?

“Absolutely. In a heartbeat. I would say if you have to replace the windows, and you know that it’s something that your concerned about I would recommend in a heartbeat that you call and everybody responds to you quickly, I mean we had somebody here in two days and I think that’s another consideration. They are knowledgeable, they explain everything to you and what they said we would experience and what they said we would get we have certainly gotten. We’re totally pleased and we’re thrilled. We love the windows. Absolutely Love the Windows.”

You can hear, in her own words, what the happy homeowner had to say about her experience with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island in the video below.

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