Replacing the windows in your Long Island home may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but the positive improvement can make a dramatic difference in the way your home looks and your daily comfort can make it worth it. Our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island customers have personal reasons for deciding it’s time to update existing windows, but we have seen some common goals, like bringing in more natural light, improving indoor comfort, curbing heating and air conditioning costs and even saving time on cleaning and maintenance.

Like other home products, as legacy windows age, they often need substantial repair and eventual replacement. But deciding when to replace windows isn’t as easy as spotting a roof leak or knowing your refrigerator is bad because it no longer keeps the milk cold.

Here are seven reasons our customers often provide for updating with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows.

#1: Boosting Energy-Efficiency with Modern Technology & Replacement Window Designs

Modern replacement windows have two panes of glass, which means better insulation from outside weather fluctuations like temperature, precipitation and wind. Older windows can develop leaks that cause the window to freeze shut or cause wood to absorb moisture, making them difficult are to open. Factory applied coatings and cutting edge design prevent air and moisture infiltration and gas between the panes improves efficiency, which often leads to lower heating and cooling bills.

#2: Reducing Ambient Noise

If you live near a business mall, sports stadium, railroad or airport, you probably have noise issues. Replacing an old window with a well-designed replacement window controls noise transfer and often eliminate irritating sounds like cars honking and motorcycles revving their engines at the corner stop sign.

#3: Protecting Personal Assets

Ultraviolet rays that naturally occur in sunlight can damage your furniture and upholstery in the same way that they cause premature aging of your skin. High-quality replacement windows reduce UV light transmission by as much as 95 percent, protecting artwork, books, carpets, and other valuable assets from premature fading. And, they do this without obscuring your view of the outside world or making your indoor spaces dark and dreary.

#4: Enhancing Your Curb Appeal & Beautifying Your Home

A home is often the most expensive investment an individual makes during his or her lifetime. How a home looks is important to most homeowners (and their neighbors). Updating boring fixtures with new windows that eliminate moisture damage is an excellent way to maintain performance, while giving your street-facing view a brand new look and feel. Whether you want to add unique grille patterns, specialty shapes or vibrant colors, updating your windows is a great place to start when you want to beautify your home’s exterior.

#5: Improving Safety & Security, One Replacement Window at a Time

Being safe in your home goes beyond installing locks and window guards that make it more difficult for uninvited people to enter your home. It is vital that all windows open and close easily to allow sufficient air circulation and emergency exit during a fire or other emergency. Old windows that are nailed or painted shut create safety hazards. And, hard to operate windows make it difficult for emergency responders to get inside quickly if you need help. If any room in your home doesn’t have an operable window large enough to crawl through, you should correct that immediately to protect your family and guests. Sometimes, you can replace a fixed window with a casement or double-hung replacement window to solve the problem, without investing in construction expense of opening part of a wall for a new window.

#6: Regaining Your Free Time

With beautiful, low-maintenance frame options like Fibrex that never rots, pits, fades or develops mold, and easy-clean tilt-in replacement window styles, you spend less time cleaning and repairing your home’s windows, and more time relaxing and enjoying time with your family. Who wouldn’t choose an afternoon spent with the children or grandchildren over an afternoon spent scraping, patching and repainting dozens of windows that are damaged and fading? Plus, you won’t have to spend more of your precious time running to the hardware store to buy caulk to reseal the windows or weather stripping kits to keep your home sealed against outside weather.

#7: Retiring Storms Windows

Finally, you can put an end to the seasonal chore of installing and removing storm windows. Installing precision-crafted, high-performance replacement windows means you’ll never have to wrestle the storm windows again. Period.

Tell Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Why You Want to Update Your Replacement Windows

If you live on Long Island, or in the area, we would like to hear what challenges you are facing with your existing home’s windows. We invite you to comment below, or contact us directly with questions or concerns about updating your Long Island home with replacement windows and patio doors. Fill in the short form on this page or call us at 1-877-313-9052 today.


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