Are you still on the fence trying to decide if now is the right time to replace the windows in your Long Island home? If so, here are seven reasons the Renewal by Andersen team believes now is the perfect time to schedule your home improvement project.

#1. Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Windows that leak air and moisture put extra strain on your heating and air conditioning systems, driving monthly bills higher. Improving energy efficiency starts with windows and doors that seal out the wind and moisture. The sooner you replace aging windows, the faster you will start seeing lower heating and air conditioning bills hit the mailbox (or your email inbox) every month.

#2. Improve Your Home’s Comfort

Controlling the indoor temperature and humidity levels is easier with high-performance Energy Star labeled replacement windows. Low-E glass choices also let you control glare and light levels, which boosts the overall comfort in your home. And of course, sealing out those nasty drafts will make you much more comfortable all year long.

#3. Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Investing in modern replacement windows and patio door can net you a healthy return on your investment depending on the features you choose, the overall condition of your home, and the neighborhood where you live. A 2017 National Association of REALTORS® survey* found that 21% of real estate professionals polled had recommended installing new windows before listing a home for sale.

#4. Customize Your Windows for a More Functional Home

New windows beautify your living spaces, and allow you to customize each room to your lifestyle and unique needs. Choosing configurations that allow efficient egress and hardware that make operation easier for family members with physical challenges are just two of the many benefits of installing custom-built in the USA replacement windows and patio doors.

#5. Help Protect the Planet with Energy Star Replacement Windows

Installing double hung, casement or sliding replacement windows automatically enhances the energy efficiency in your home. Higher energy efficiency means you use less energy, which reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, find a brand that is serious about maintaining rigorous cradle-to-grave sustainability standards.

#6. Capture More Peaceful Moments

One of the benefits of upgrading home windows that some may not think of immediately, is the opportunity to create calmer, quieter interior spaces. Double glazing and the gas fill between the panes significantly reduces noise transfer. And new windows tightly sealed to your home means you won’t have to listen to the neighbors mowing their lawn at sunrise or other neighborhood noises that disturb you.

#7. Bolster Peace of Mind & Confidence

Everyone wants to live in a home that feels safe and secure, whether the windows are open or closed and locked. Your windows play a vital role in creating a home security plan that protects your family from criminals and other threats.

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* see pages 45-48 for stats and quote about improving resell value


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