7 Signs Time to Replace Long Island Windows & DoorsThere are several reasons a Long Island homeowner may reach out to our Renewal by Andersen team to discuss replacing their home’s windows — from improving the street-facing view to improving resale value.

If you’ve been considering replacing your windows, here are seven signs the time is now.

1. Your windows stick or won’t open at all.

Having trouble opening or closing wood-frame windows? Can you quickly get out through the window in an emergency, such as a fire? Sometimes a little maintenance can resolve minor issues. An inspection may reveal damaged parts that can be replaced, loose screws or nails that can be reset. Removing loose debris and lubricating tracks can improve sliding door operation, but warped frames generally mean the window is beyond simple repair. And, if your windows are painted shut, chances are the windows were leaking or frames were so damaged at the time someone decided to permanently seal them that replacement is the best option.

2. You plan to update your exterior surfaces.

If you are considering a major exterior make-over, like adding new siding or brick, your old windows will likely detract from the fresh new look. Even if you repaint existing wood windows, you will still need to spend time every year stripping down your frames, repairing any moisture and mildew damage, filling in holes and cracks with putty and repainting them. Why not go ahead and replace your old windows with a style to fit your new facade. If you choose Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s Fibrex frames that are guaranteed to resist rot, mold, mildew and fading, you can skip the annual maintenance chores, too.

3. Your window styles don’t fit your decorative vision.
Let’s face it, some older windows make your home look tired and worn out. Windows with visible stains, chips, cracks and outdated styles can make an otherwise clean, attractive home look really bad. When it comes to style, double-hung windows look great in almost any home, but you may want to update your home with a new look that replaces some of those old faithful styles with modern casement windows or low-profile sliding patio doors that give you a better view.

4. Your home doesn’t have a ‘pulled-together’ look.
Older homes may have undergone previous updates, such as adding a new entry way or another bedroom and the windows don’t match the overall appearance. Sometimes a past replacement window project didn’t do a good job of matching the architectural style or complementing the existing appearance and you aren’t happy with the way your home looks when you pull in your driveway. You may only need to replace a few windows or the patio door to fix the problem, but if your existing windows aren’t performing as well as they once did, you may opt to replace all of them now.

5. You notice cold or hot spots.
Air and moisture leaks make it more difficult to keep your home comfortable. If you can see daylight around the edges of your windows, or feel air moving through cracks, you are wasting energy. Modern Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are manufactured with Low-E glass that improves energy efficiency. Single-pane glass panels, even if you don’t notice obvious damage to frames, can be updated with double-pane, insulated glass windows that have special coatings that improve insulation.

6. Your indoor environment needs a makeover.
Obviously, beautiful, high-performance windows can dramatically improve curb appeal. And of course, new, energy efficient windows improve comfort and help reduce your heating and air conditioning bills, but don’t forget that your windows also significantly impact the interior appearance of your home. Crystal clear windows improve natural light flow in your home. Configurations impact useable floor space – think replacing swing-in patio doors with sliders that don’t interfere with traffic patterns. You can also replace larger windows with a combination of several smaller windows to create a unique, visually attractive focal point, or vice-versa if you like.

7. You are getting ready to sell your home.
New windows and patio doors give your home a fresh, attractive appearance that can improve its desirability on the market. If you are planning to put your home on the market, buyers will be excited to know they won’t have to invest time maintaining their windows every year to keep them looking beautiful and performing well. Modern designs even make cleaning windows easier. Plus, the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island 20/2/10 warranty is transferrable so new homeowners won’t have to worry if a problem develops after the sale.

Renewal by Anderson of Long Island Replacement Window Solutions for Homeowner

Are you ready to replace those ugly, drooping windows with modern, energy-efficient windows that look great and perform perfectly? Getting ready to put your home on the market? Maybe you just want a fresh new look or want to be sure you can get out of your home if a fire breaks out. Whatever your reason for considering replacing the doors and windows in your home, we invite you to call us to learn more about our custom-built windows. Reach us toll-free at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure.


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