As we approach the season of giving on Long Island, the entire team at Renewal by Andersen of Long Island has plenty for which to be thankful. We’ve been privileged to become friends with residents throughout the Long Island area as we helped make their homes more beautiful, more comfortable and more energy-efficient with Energy Star certified replacement windows and patio doors. Along the way, we’ve met some incredible people and built new relationships that will last a lifetime.

There’s a special feeling you get when you know that what you do makes an impact on the communities you serve today for generations to come with a solid cradle-to-grave product life cycle. That special feeling extends to “off-the-clock” activities, too. Giving back is something that millions of Americans do every day. If you’re feeling blessed this year and want to share your bounty with others, this article will highlight a few opportunities for Long Islanders to consider as 2017 starts the wind-down to a new year.

#1. Volunteer with a View

No, we aren’t talking about that spectacular view through your new replacement bay window in the living room; we ‘re talking about taking a volunteer-vacation that transports you from our corner of the world to places with extraordinary views beyond compare. Voluntourism – a new catch phrase for combining tourism and volunteer activities – options vary widely. Habitat for Humanity (and their world-wide branch, Habitat’s Global Village) mobilized small groups to stand alongside homeowners struggling to capture the American Dream of homeownership. Participate locally, or sign up for one of the projects in the storm ravaged South, on one of our nations Indian reservations out west, or on foreign lands.

#2. Get Up Close & Personal With Nature

The same personal drive that inspires people to help others creates a hunger to protect and experience our nation’s natural spaces. Organizations like the Sierra Club and The National Park Service enlist individuals and families to perform trail maintenance and restoration from Washington State’s coastal islands to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the New England corridor. Whether you venture out this fall, or schedule a summer tour, you’ll enjoys stunning views of valleys, fjords and migratory fowl. If you’re lucky, you may spot a few animals and plants you would have only seen in photos if you hadn’t been willing to get out of your own comfort zone.

#3. Say Bye-Bye to Black Friday & Hello to Giving-Tuesday

Black Friday may be losing its glossy appeal for many consumers, but the days after Thanksgiving still hold great promise for kicking off the season of giving. Enter Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday isn’t one organization, or a one-size-fits-all volunteer platform. It is a movement that encourages individuals, groups and families to give of their precious time, money, skills, education and other resources to inspire real change in their home communities. Since 2012, the movement has been celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Set aside November 28th as your day to inspire and be inspired.

#4. Set Another Place at the Table

Whether you invite a senior citizen living alone in your neighborhood to join your family for the annual feast, open your door to college students who cannot travel home for the holidays, or work with Social Services to give a young child a chance to enjoy some fellowship and fun for the day, consider bringing someone into your home for an experience that encourages and uplifts. The Friendly Visitor Program is one option that connects seniors with families in Long Island City, Sunnyside, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and other Long Island regional communities.

#5. Find the Perfect Volunteer Match

Not sure where to put your time and energy? Checkout Before donating cash or other tangible goods, it is always good to verify the organization with which you plan to partner.

#6. Prepare to be Rewarded with Lots of Love

It isn’t just people who need that special love you have to share. Rescue animals need care and companionship, too. Organizations like Bobby and the Strays need volunteers to spend one-on-one time with special needs clients, foster cats or dogs, get out and educate the community at large and fill a host of important roles as a volunteer. Every ounce of love you shower on these vulnerable animals yields immeasurable joy for both of you.

#7. Partner with Friends & Family

Finding a need that wants filling is often as easy as talking to members from your church, temple or synagogue. Set aside a day to help a neighbor winterize their home (remember to check those windows for damage-causing water and air infiltration), fix a leaky faucet, replace burned out bulbs or do odd jobs around the house that need completing. Offer to run errands for a shut-in. Share a pot of freshly made chicken soup with someone who is down with the flu. Sharing yourself doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair, or cost a fortune. Sometimes the smallest gestures have the greatest impact.

Thank You for Making Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows a Part of Your Community for the Past Three Decades!

We are thankful to be part of such a caring, loving community. We hope you find a cause, charity or organization in your own community that inspires you to spread the word to others to give back in their own special way.

Most of the year we concentrate on offering high-quality, superior performance replacement windows and patio doors that help our friends and neighbors make their homes energy-efficient, beautiful and comfortable for everyone who enters. At this time of year, we are reminded how thankful we are for all of you and all you do for others.

If you need more information about transforming your home from drafty and cold to warm and inviting this year, just fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-877-313-9052 for information about custom replacement windows designed by you and built to perfection.

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