We’ve all seen those DIY home renovation shows that transform a rundown money-pit into a jaw-dropping dream home, in less than a half hour, even with two or three major unplanned disasters. Our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island neighbors are smart enough to know that a lot of editing goes into making these shows look like successes. If you’re planning a major home renovation, you might be interested in knowing when to install replacement windows and patio doors to avoid having to do your own home reno editing.

Here’s a brief outline to help you on track while scheduling your projects.

#1. Write Your Vision Down

Whether your project includes major structural changes, or simply updating what you have, writing it down helps you get clear starting and ending points. It is always less expensive to change your mind before you rip out walls than it is to decide you prefer smaller, more intimate spaces. Planning helps you prevent mistakes before they happen.

During this step:

  • Create a budget you can afford. If you plan to finance some portions, consider doing the paperwork for a line of credit, so you know the funds will be available when you start the renovation.
  • Decide which projects you plan to do yourself, and which ones require professionals.
  • Start vetting contractors, get estimates and apply for permits.

#2. Start the BIG Jobs First

It is important to take care of infrastructure and structural issues first. Not every renovation demands all of the following items, but make sure you fix any issues with:

  • The foundation
  • Plumbing and sewer systems
  • Roof systems
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Electrical

If you’re planning to install replacement windows and patio doors and your existing windows are in good enough condition that they aren’t allowing water infiltration, save this job for later, otherwise install the windows during this part of the project to protect your home from further damage.

#3. Demolish & Dispose

Rent a roll-off, or other large container for demolition waste. If you suspect asbestos or lead-based in construction areas, hire a professional to remove and dispose of all waste to protect the health of you and your family.

#4. Make Structural Changes

Completing structural carpentry at this stage ensures a safe working environment, and makes sure your home will be sound after the rehabilitation.

Structural Carpentry projects include:

  • Moving walls and building new ones, and enlarging or reducing window and door openings.
  • Repairing/installing stairs
  • Adding support beams for greater weight capacity on upper floors

#5. Update Service Items

It’s easier to install new HVAC duct work, electrical wire and plumbing and gas lines before hanging drywall. Be sure to schedule inspections before closing in the walls.

#6. Install Insulation & Drywall

With plumbing and electrical work completed, this is the perfect time to close-in your wall. Add insulation, hang drywall, and get walls ready for the final finish.

#7. Replacement Window Installation

You should design and order your replacement windows four to eight weeks before you expect to need them.

#8. Finish Your Project

Finish work, like installing molding, trim, baseboards and built-ins, comes immediately before interior wall surfacing. Flooring is typically the last step of a major renovation project, especially if wood floors are part of your plan.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Help

Whether you are still creating your vision, or ready to start the big job, we invite you to learn more about our ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows and patio doors. This is a great time to schedule a private consultation to explore styles, colors, grills, and accessories. Just fill in the short form on this page or call 1-877-313-9052 to get started.


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