Long Island Replacement Windows Crystal Clear Answers About Glass Options

Replacement windows long island answers

Our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window team understands you probably have questions about upgrading your home with new windows. Sometimes it can be overwhelming just thinking about comparing prices, without digging into the manufacturing process and what goes into the energy-efficiency ratings.

As part of our commitment to make sure every potential customer in Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau counties has the information necessary to make a wise investment decision, we thought we would share some concerns that came up in recent conversations.

Patterned Glass & Replacement Window Efficiency

First, let’s talk about appearance. Patterned or obscure glass is usually used where clients want a little more privacy, like first floor bathrooms or bedrooms. Others are looking for ways to creating a stunning entryway or a complementary feature for their interior decorating scheme. Whether you choose an operable window unit, such as an awning window installed above the bathtub, or a patterned glass transom above the front door, you can rest assured the patterned glass replacement window was built with high-quality Low-E glass to boost performance ratings. You never have to compromise energy-efficiency for beauty. Keep in mind that because patterned glass has a texture on the interior part of the window those lovely patterns require a little more care when cleaning than smooth flat panels.

U-Factor Isn’t Everything in Replacement Windows

Replacement windows glass options answersWhile all glass types in the Renewal by Andersen portfolio have near-identical U-factor ratings, you can see by the chart, there is a large variance between what percentage of sun rays actually pass through the glazing. Manufacturing techniques make it possible to reduce the amount of visible light that enters your indoor spaces and block the UV rays that naturally occur as the sun shines down on the earth.

Many people may not realize that the special energy efficiency coatings added at the factory are applied to a glass surface inside the insulated glass unit to protect them from any damage that could be caused by the weather and or cleaning. Coatings that are added to keep the windows cleaner longer are added on the exterior of the glass to help dirt and dust to wash away in the rain or a hose.

Different Rooms May Need Different Window Glass

If you’re on a very tight budget, you may be wondering if you can afford to install “the best” glass type on all the window units throughout your home. Buying the most expensive model, isn’t always the “right” choice, or the most prudent. You should always carefully consider the indoor and outdoor environment of each room before making your selection. Windows that get more direct sunlight during the day may need more UV protection than your home windows that are typically shaded all day by large trees, shrubs or other exterior landscaping. North facing windows may need a glass option that is more efficient during the colder months – although every window we offer has built-in features that meet or exceed Energy Star standards for our Long Island weather throughout the seasons.

Rather than considering the price of each individual component – frames, trim, glass, etc. – it’s better think of the window as a whole. While prices for glass options may remain static depending on the style being purchased, as the united inches (the size of the window) increases, so does the cost. Larger windows therefore will cost more because you need more of everything, not just glass, to build a bigger custom-built replacement window.

To get a better “tier” of glass, for example, upgrading standard High-Performance Low-E glass to High Performance SunGlass in the library or the formal living room to protect expensive artwork and furnishings, might be worth an extra 5 to 10 percent price variance because SunGlass, shields your indoor textiles and fabrics from 95 percent of damaging UV rays, compared to standard High-Performance Low-E replacement window glazing which blocks about 84 percent of the harmful rays.

How Does Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Determine the Right Replacement Window Glass?

While our professional replacement window specialists can recommend the right window for you, the choice is ultimately up to you. Based on the way you use each room, where the window units are installed on the wall, the surrounding environment and your goals – whether you’re more concerned with controlling light levels or blocking damaging UV rays. We can guide you through the process, but ultimately the choice is totally yours.

Ready to see some samples and start building your custom upgrades? Just take a moment to fill in the short form on this page or call a consultant today to schedule an in-home replacement window or patio door consultation. The visit is free, and so is the call. Just dial 1-1-877-313-9052 to get started.

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How Low-E Glass Affects Long Island Replacement Window Choices

low e windows glass Long Island, NY

Installing low-emissivity, generally called low-E, replacement windows in your Long Island home is a cost-effective approach that can improve energy-efficiency and comfort. Enhanced window performance saves money spent on heating and air conditioning costs month after month, every year you live in your home. Many Renewal by Andersen of Long Island customers come in looking for low-E windows, but some don’t really understand what the term means, or why it’s important to ask about how these factory applied coatings impact performance and optical properties.

Here’s a quick rundown that covers what you need to know before buying replacement windows and patio doors with Low-E glass for your home. Continue reading How Low-E Glass Affects Long Island Replacement Window Choices

Patterned Glass Windows Make Your Long Island Home Sparkle

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Are you considering textured or patterned glass replacement windows for your Long Island home? This week’s industry standards blog post will answer five of the most common questions Long Island homeowners have about “art glass.”

5 Common Questions About Replacement Window Patterned Glass

#1. Are patterned glass options less energy-efficient than traditional clear replacement window panes?

No. Patterned glass solutions are built with Low-E glass designed to boost home energy-efficiency. Our manufacturing team ensures that all replacement window units meet the rigorous performance ratings our customers expect. Continue reading Patterned Glass Windows Make Your Long Island Home Sparkle

Double Hung Window Frame Check Rail Options on Long Island

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Long Island homeowners who choose to upgrade their homes with modern double-hung replacement windows consider many details, including window frame parts material and thickness, glass types, and specialty hardware. Have you thought about check rail solutions for your double hung windows? Do you even know what a check rail is or that you have options in this area? Many people outside the building industry aren’t familiar with this window feature, so this article will help explain this important functional design element. Continue reading Double Hung Window Frame Check Rail Options on Long Island

Thinking of Creating a Wall of Glass with Replacement Windows on Long Island?

replacement window wall long island ny

Thinking bringing more natural light into your Long Island home by connecting your outdoor spaces with your interior rooms? Have you considered installing replacement windows and/or patio doors to create a stunning wall of glass?

Every homeowner deserves at least one room that provides a place to relax and re-connect with nature. In addition to brightening up your home, large windows give you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors throughout the seasons without braving the elements during inclement weather. While finding the best window treatments (for privacy) can be an enjoyable challenge, when you get the design right, the results are truly worth the time and effort you spend.

Here are a few suggestions from your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window consultants for making sure you are thrilled with the finished project. Continue reading Thinking of Creating a Wall of Glass with Replacement Windows on Long Island?