Deciding which replacements windows you should buy for your Long Island home takes research and careful planning. Like other large-scale home improvement projects, this is an investment in your future. This post from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island will give you a brief guide of things to look for while comparing brands.

# 1. Which Style/s Best for Your Home

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want inserts, or full-replacement windows.

Inserts, also called sash replacements, allow you to keep existing interior and exterior trim, you just replace the sash. Some custom sizes are available, and there are several national brands to choose from. This is a good option when you want to replace single pane windows, and your frames and trim are in excellent shape.

Full-replacement windows are custom-built to precisely fit the opening left when the entire window unit is removed. Our customers choose this option. It even enables you to change window styles, like if you want to go from a double-hung window to a casement or sliding replacement window. You will get a tighter seal, the option to choose a better operating mechanism and added security features with full-replacement windows.

#2. Select Glass Options for Comfort & Functionality

Most high quality replacement window brands offer double glazed windows with a variety of low-e coatings. Coatings applied during the manufacturing process impact the energy-efficiency ratings and overall performance of your windows.

These special coatings allow homeowners to design windows that reduce glare, control heat transfer and heat gain, and control the amount of natural light glare that streams through a window without compromising a crystal clear view. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island even offers coatings that prevent water spots from developing on the exterior panes, which means less time spent cleaning your home windows.

Always choose double-pane, gas-filled windows for the best energy-efficiency performance. Learn more about how glass options affect performance here. Learn more about specific characteristics of our ENERGY STAR certified glass choices here.

#3. Identify ways to boost security, convenience or safety.

Glass choices and style impact energy-efficiency, but a window does more than help you manage your heating and cooling budget. Styles also affects convenience, health and security. For example:

  • Casement windows use a single, convenient lever that engages a multi-point locking system, creating an air-tight seal against wind and moisture.
  • Some styles have recessed locks which serve as a deterrent for would-be thieves.
  • Patterned glass obscures the view from outside so people cannot see inside, giving you privacy and keeping your valuables out of sight to passersby.
  • Even the insect screens you choose for your replacement windows affect comfort and health. While most insect screens keep some flying bugs and insects outside, screens constructed with micro-fine fabric prevent even the tiniest insect and most dust, pollen and other airborne allergens from entering through the window. No more bites, fewer allergy attacks.

When it comes to deciding which replacement windows to buy for your Long Island home, choose window styles that complement your lifestyle and offer you high-performance, energy-efficient features. Remember that accessories are just as important as the basic construction and affordability.

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