An Introduction to Common Replacement Window Styles

Replacement Window History

Windows have been around a long, long time. Originally just holes in a wall, or cave, to let light in, smoke out and provide a safe view of who might be coming to your door (friend or foe), they weren’t particularly adept at keeping the weather out of your humble abode or luxurious castle.

The invention of transparent glass created what we know today as a window. Originally only available to the very wealthy and custom crafted for every opening, the original windows bore very little resemblance to the windows we know today.

Over time, a number of standard styles have emerged and remain with us today. Here’s an overview of the most common styles of replacement windows available today.


Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Double Hung WindowDouble-Hung Windows

Perhaps the most traditional of window styles, the Double Hung window features a top and bottom “sash” or frame that holds the glass pane or panes. In the Double Hung, both sashes move laterally to provide ventilation. There is also a variation known as the Single-Hung window, where only the bottom sash moves and the top sash remains fixed to the window frame. (more…)

Renewal by Andersen Patio Door Replacement Tips

Patio Doors are Key to Safety, Security, Comfort

Renewal by Andersen is a household name for the best replacement windows on the market, but did you realize our Patio Doors are just as exceptional? Utilizing the same tried-and-true manufacturing technology that has made Renewal by Andersen the premier name in replacement windows, our Patio Doors provide exceptional performance, beauty and durability. Below are some tips for you to keep in mind when you consider replacing the patio doors in your home.

Durability Can Be Even More Important in Replacement Doors than Replacement Windows

You probably operate your doors much more often than you open and close your windows (particularly if you have air conditioning), so smooth operation, security, weather-tightness and durability are even more important in your doors.

Proper Preparation is Critical

As in most things in construction, proper preparation of the opening is critical. Just like the structure of your entire house is dependent upon a proper foundation, proper framing of your door opening is critical to ensure the door will open and close smoothly and keep your home safe from the elements and unwanted intruders. (more…)

Repeat Customers are our Best Friends

Exterior of Patio Door Replacement on Cruze home Windows Now, Doors Next

The most sincere compliment any business can receive is for its customers to come back and purchase again. At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island we are proud that those customers who get just a few windows replaced at first are so pleased that they then come back to get more replaced as their budget allows. And then they come back again to replace their patio doors. These customers’ actions tell us  we’re doing the right thing for them — and that’s the best validation we can receive.

Francis Cruz of Dix Hills, NY is just one of these great customers!Interior of Renewal by Andersen Patio Door on Cruze home

“This is my second job with Renewal by Andersen! Another job well done! Not only is this my second job, I’m already preparing for my third! The windows are fabulous and so energy efficient, why wouldn’t I want to replace all of the windows in my house!”

Francis Cruz, Dix Hills, NY

Renewal by Adersersen replacement patio door interior