Tips for Dressing Recessed Windows on Long Island

tips dressing windows Long Island NY

Tips for Dressing Recessed Home Windows on Long Island 

If you’re like many Long Island homeowners, one of your favorite things to do when updating your interior décor is choosing new window treatments. Like a fresh coat of paint, window treatments can dramatically transform a space. But, what about those tricky windows? Window styles like bay windows and bow windows, casement styles that mimic French doors and recessed windows.

Those of you who have been thinking about updating your home’s windows may be wondering which style window – and curtains or drapes – are best for your trickier areas. Since replacement windows are designed to precisely fit the opening left when existing windows are removed, you may still have some windows that present decorating challenges after replacing your old, inefficient windows.

Here are some tips for designing and dressing recessed windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. Continue reading Tips for Dressing Recessed Windows on Long Island

10 Things You Should Know About Long Island Home Windows

10 things to know about windows on Long Island, NY

Installing replacement windows in your Long Island home is a practical solution for many woes, from energy inefficiency to inoperability, to plain old ugliness. Local brands, like Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, often tout improved energy efficiency as the most beneficial reason to make the investment, but home windows do much more than simply make your home less expensive to maintain.

Here are 10 things you may not know about replacement windows, and new home windows in general. Continue reading 10 Things You Should Know About Long Island Home Windows

Are Hinged Windows A Good-Fit for Your Long Island Home?

hinged replacement windows Long Island NY

The Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window portfolio has Energy Star certified styles for every room in your home. While double-hung windows are the most popular window style for Long Island homes, there are times that a hinged window is the best option.

Renewal by Andersen offers three hinged versions worth considering before you make a final decision.

#1. Casement Replacement Windows: Perfect for Those Who Want to Maximize Air Circulation

Casement windows, hinged on the right or left side, open fully and can literally direct a gentle breeze indoors. With a multi-point locking mechanism that creates an airtight seal against the elements, this style is the most energy-efficient operable window.

#2. Awning Replacement Windows: A Wonderful Solution for People with Windows Up High or Down Low

Typically installed high on the wall, or as an accent window for large picture windows, awning windows have atop-hinge design. The windows open outward, forming a mini-umbrella that directs water away from the home. This design allows people to open the window to enjoy the sound and smell of a gentle rain, without any mess or potential damage to furnishings and flooring.

Just be careful of exterior traffic patterns when deciding on awning window placement. You don’t want to install outward opening windows like awnings or casements near a patio or sidewalk where there is potential for people to accidentally walk into the open window.

#3. Hopper Replacement Windows: Perfect Where Open Windows Might Interfere with Outdoor Walkways

 Like awning replacement windows,hoppers are often seen installed high on the wall, in garages, basements and hallways. This style pulls in from a bottom hinge. Hoppers are especiallyappealing for areas where an outward opening window would create a walking hazard.

It’s important to consider indoor traffic patterns too. For example, someone who was distracted (think, looking down at their phone) while walking by an open hopper window in the hall might run into the panel if windows are installed a few feet above the floor instead of near the ceiling.

Customizing Hinged Replacement Windows

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s full line of accessories makes it easy to customize your replacement windows to suit your home and your style. Adding grilles, high-performance insect screens,and carefully selected hardware allow you to create functional and beautiful windows that reflect your home’s character and personality.

You can personalize your home windows with:

  • Grilles: Choose standard grille patterns or non-traditional layouts to complement your overall aesthetic. You also have three distinct grille style options, so you can copy an original home window design or use removable, paintable wood grilles that provide more flexibility updating interior décor.
  • Glass: Our portfolio includes several low-E glass solutions which allow you to maximize energy efficiency in every room. You can also choose patterned glass to enhance privacy or add an artistic element in bathrooms, foyers and places where you want natural light, but would prefer passersby cannot see inside your home.
  • Colors: With more than two dozen factory-applied color combinations, there is something for everyone. Plus, interior wood components mean you can match or contrast existing interior decorating schemes with paint or stain.
  • Insect screens: Every operable window comes with a standard insect screen that does a good job keeping insects outside. People who love natural cooling during moderate weather often choose TruScene insect screens with ultra-fine mesh that helps block pollen, dust, airborne particles and nasty no-see-ums that thrive in our Long Island climate.

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Horizontal vs Vertical Opening Replacement Window Solutions

horizontal vertical windows Long Island, NY

Most Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window styles fall under two main categories: vertical operating windows and horizontal sliding windows. Each group offers a unique set of advantages and potential drawbacks for Long Island homeowners. A third category, fixed windows have their own advantages and disadvantages that we’ll discuss in a separate post.

To help you decide which window style is appropriate for each room in your home, we’ve put together a short description of each style. Continue reading Horizontal vs Vertical Opening Replacement Window Solutions