Try Versatile Roman Shades for Your Long Island Home’s Windows

Roman shades Long Island, NY

Most Long Island homeowners update their window treatments immediately after the replacement window installation is complete. New windows deserve new dressing – right? If you’ve considered Roman shades, but aren’t sure this is a good choice, this Renewal by Andersen of Long Island blog post has some information that may help. Continue reading Try Versatile Roman Shades for Your Long Island Home’s Windows

4 Places to Find Window Design Inspiration on Long Island

window inspiration Long Island, NY

Discover Four Places to Find Replacement Window Design Inspiration  

When the time comes to invest in replacement windows for your Long Island home, you may not know immediately which styles you want, whether to choose the same color for the exterior and interior components, or what type of hardware is best for your lifestyle. Most people have a vision of what they expect their home to look like, but aren’t sure how to get there. If you need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, these four Renewal by Andersen of Long Island tips may help you decide which decorative features and styles are a good fit for you Continue reading 4 Places to Find Window Design Inspiration on Long Island

3 Common Replacement Window Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

common window mistakes Long Island NY

The decision to update your home with high-performance Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows is not a decision most people make on the spur of the moment. Investing in home improvement products to boost your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and real estate value often means a significant spend, one that will impact your comfort, health and asset portfolio for many years. It makes sense to learn from others’ experiences and avoid common mistakes whenever possible. This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island article lists three common errors homeowners make when they decide to update their home. Continue reading 3 Common Replacement Window Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Is Your Long Island Home’s Windows Making You Sick?

Windows Sick Long Island NY

Here at Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we’ve previously discussed the health benefits of updating home windows in your Long Island home, such as lifting your mood and keeping your indoor environment more comfortable. Today, we’ll discuss a couple of ways bad windows can contribute to sick house syndrome (SHS). Continue reading Is Your Long Island Home’s Windows Making You Sick?

Tips for Healthy Aging in Place in Your Long Island Home

Aging in Place on Long Island

September is Healthy Aging Month in the United States. While this site normally focuses on the advantages of updating your Long Island home with modern replacement windows and patio doors, this Renewal by Andersen page is all about helping senior family members live more vibrant, independent lives.

5 Tips to Promote Healthy Aging In Place

#1 Visit a Senior Center. Throughout September, many community senior citizen centers on Long Island host workshops and live events to help seniors prepare for aging in place. Contact your local senior citizens center or regional advocate for a list of local events to learn more.

#2 Attend a Fall Prevention Seminar. Attend at least one fall prevention health fair. At the event, speak to geriatric specialists about home updates that reduce fall incidents. As we age, replacing carpeting with walker-friendly, slip-resistant tile is often a better choice. Installing modern replacement windows that open effortlessly for ventilation and enable easy exit during emergencies can reduce stress and effort as we age. Some people even opt to lower counters and cabinets to enable more easy access from a wheelchair or stool. Reducing excessive reaching for cooking or hygiene supplies can increase independence for aging Long Islanders.

#3 See Your Doctor. Talk to your medical providers about fall prevention screenings. Your medical doctor may recommend gait and balance testing, as well as a consultation with a physical therapist for help developing an exercise program designed specifically to improve older adults’ strength, flexibility and balance.

  • September is also a great month to visit your optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam because poor vision may cause tripping or stumbling.
  • Visit your regular pharmacy for a medication review. Medication contraindications can sometimes cause dizziness or woozy feelings that precipitate a fall.

#4 Make a Financial Plan. Financial planning – which is critical for everyone and especially seniors – includes exploring ways to save money on utility bills, insurance, medical costs, auto expenses and nutritious food. Look for local businesses that offer senior discounts. Many senior advocacy groups make referrals to utility company partners who can help consumers locate a home-energy auditor. A quick call to your insurance carrier(s) may reveal extra discounts you aren’t aware of – and it never hurts to call around and see if a competitor is willing to offer a lower rate. The savings can add up quickly.

#5 Check Your Windows. If your home windows have outlived their usefulness, schedule an in-home consultation with a replacement window specialist. Poorly performing home windows literally drain your wallet by allowing conditioned air to exit your home through cracks and gaps in windows. Sealing these energy wasters can save you a bundle on your utility bills. Also consider changing windows to enable safe egress for seniors in an emergency.

The following links may help you draft a personal plan for successful aging in the Long Island area.

Suffolk County Aging Office: Access nutritional support, seminars on financial planning, exercise advice, health screening information and other resources for seniors and care-givers.

Nassau County Aging Office: Learn about long-term care referrals, nutritional counseling and food support, health and wellness tips, connections to local resources and more.

CDC Long Island: Explore low interest home improvement loans for income-eligible homeowners, veterans and disabled persons. Approved loan applicants may use funds for improving accessibility for aging and disabled family members.

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