Have you ever felt like you just can’t clean your windows as well as the professionals? You think your windows are clean, but then when the light hits them just right you see streaks and spots everywhere? When it comes to window cleaning, method makes all the difference. Knowing the common mistakes that people make cleaning their windows can help ensure that your windows will look professionally cleaned every single time you wash.

#1. Cleaning Too Much Window at One Time

If you’re cleaning a large glass area all at once, you might be smearing dirt more than washing it away. This can lead to streaks and dirty areas left behind. To avoid this problem, clean your windows in sections of about one to two square feet at a time. Switch cloths frequently as they pick up dirt, to avoid streaks.

#2. Cleaning Windows on Sunny, Hot Days

Sunshine causes your window washing fluid to dry quickly, before it’s had a chance to do its job. If your windows are streaky because the washing solution dried from the sun’s heat before you could get all the dirt off, you’ll wind up with streaks and have to start all over to re-wash your windows.

If possible, wait until the sky is overcast to wash your windows. If you must wash your windows on a sunny day, move with the sun and wash your windows when they’re in shade.

#3. Using Hard Water to Clean Windows

Hard water won’t do damage to your windows at first, but over many years, hard water stains can cause your windows to appear “foggy”. Once stains are in place, removing them is very difficult. If you have hard water, it’s better to wash your windows with distilled water purchased from a grocery store and to avoid the stains all together.

#4. Using Wrong Window Cleaning Products

Windows need to be washed with glass cleaner. You can buy glass cleaner from the store or wash your windows with a homemade cleaner made from one cup water, one cup rubbing alcohol and one tablespoon vinegar.

Don’t use multi-purpose cleaner, abrasive cleaners or any cleaners that aren’t specifically for window glass. Some of these cleaners can be damaging to glass while others simply won’t do the job.

#5. Living Dangerously to Reach Upper Windows

This isn’t really a window cleaning method – but it’s definitely an important tip for cleaning your windows: don’t try to clean upstairs windows if you can’t do it safely. Hire the professionals.

If you’re tired of hiring professionals to clean your windows for you, consider installing Renewal by Andersen double hung windows the next time you need to replace your windows. Double hung windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island tilt inward, for easy cleaning from inside your house.

Need Easy-to-Clean Windows? Call Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

New windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island can make window cleaning easier. New windows also improve the value of your home, and improve your quality of life when it comes cleaning time. Call 1-877-313-9052 today or fill out the short form on this page to make an appointment for consultation about new replacement window installation.


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