Awning & Hopper Replacement Windows on Long IslandWhen considering Long Island replacement windows, renovation experts recommend that you develop a thorough project plan that includes budgeting and design details before you start the demo phase. But many Long Island homeowners aren’t sure where to start when it comes to choosing the best-fit replacement windows to upgrade their home.

Those who start with a great plan avoid costly mistakes, are happier with the finished project and often increase their home’s resale value. Making the right window style choices gives you dozens of advantages, including better control of the temperature and lighting in your home.

Part of planning ahead means you’ll make wise financial decisions now and for the future. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island has many styles to choose from that give you a crystal clear viewing area and easy-cleaning designs, but sometimes homeowners overlook the importance of adding complementary styles that increase natural light and ventilation. Awning and hopper windows may be just the ticket to complement other windows in your home beautifully.

These tips will help you consider the advantages of installing awning and hopper replacement windows as part of your home improvement project.

  1. Consider the amazing features of awning windows.

This window style adds architectural interest – and is an excellent choice when you need extra light and ventilation in any room in your home. Awing replacement windows placed near other windows, such a fixed window that doesn’t open, allow you to air out your spaces and to turn off the heating and air system when the weather outside is agreeable.

They’re easy to operate with a conveniently placed, turn-style handle, similar to a casement window. The easy-reach hardware makes placement above counters safer and more convenient thank some styles – no need to climb up on a chair or search for a step ladder when you want to open your window. Another difference between more familiar styles and awning windows is that screens are mounted inside and not on the exterior of your home.

  1. Consider the family-friendly features of hopper windows.

Choosing windows that work best in your individual rooms is smart design planning. Hoppers work hard with built-it features like convenience, durability and dependable performance, and improved window energy efficiency.

Hoppers are similar to awning windows, except they are hinged on the bottom. They open inward from the top and are perfect for smaller interior spaces. Bathrooms, basements and around larger windows are three common placement areas. Unlike awning windows, however, because the windows open in, insect screens are installed outside.

  1. Embrace style and beauty without compromising performance.

With custom shapes, sizes, grille patterns and a wide selection of colors, you can design an awning or hopper window that fits your decorating preferences and still offers exceptional energy-efficiency.

With our patented Fibrex composite framing material, you get expert craftsmanship and the high-quality look of natural wood in a no-paint, low maintenance option. Want decorating flexibility that allows you to change your interior color scheme when new colors and textures hit the market? Opt for removable, natural wood grilles. Prefer an option that mimics authentic multi-paned windows? Choose between-the-glass grills that never require dusting and reduce “settling places” for airborne allergens in your home.

  1. Claim superior protection against moisture and wind infiltration.

While no operable window offers 100 percent protection from moisture and air infiltration, both awning and hopper style Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are remarkably effective at keeping air and moisture outside your home. The superior sealing and weather-stripping system provides reliable coverage year after year with routine cleaning and proper care.

  1. Choose the right project guide.

When choosing a replacement window company to manage your home improvement project, there are a surprising number of companies vying for your business. Whether you are exploring replacement windows or you want a space-saving sliding or French patio door, selecting a company with an excellent reputation in the industry and the community is a great place to start. The ideal company will:

  1. Show you ratings from independent third-party organizations that rate energy efficiency and performance.
  2. Provide references and testimonials from current and past customers.
  3. Respect your time and your budget.
  4. Offer an exceptional warranty that covers parts, labor and installation.
  5. Follow strict manufacturing guidelines that protect you and the environment, including advanced technology and construction processes to reduce landfill waste and manage natural resources wisely.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows: Let Us Be Your Guide

Successfully planning a home improvement project means starting with the basics. If you’re considering updating your home’s windows, give us a call to learn more about our full line of energy efficient replacement windows and patio doors. Reach us by calling 1-877-313-9052 or filling in the short form on this page

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