Although there are many styles of replacement windows to choose from, all windows are either operable or fixed (often known as “picture” windows). A combination of the two styles will ensure your Long Island home is functional, beautiful and energy-efficient. Here is a bit more information from the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island specialists to help you achieve the perfect balance between windows that open and their stationary companions.

Fixed Replacement Window Solutions for Long Island Homeowners

By definition, fixed windows don’t open. While there isn’t an exact formula for calculating the perfect number of inoperable windows in a home, everyone should agree that the typical home has more windows that open than those that do not.

The most common window styles in this category are bay and bow windows, picture windows, transoms and side lite fixtures near your entrance and patio doors. You’ll also often find geometric shaped windows, like eyebrow windows, installed high on a wall in a room with a cathedral ceiling. Geometric shapes add a touch of visual interest and personality positioned under the eaves as well.

There are a number reasons a homeowner may choose to install fixed windows. One reason is that this is the most energy-efficient window available. Other reasons include showcasing spectacular views or getting an unobstructed field of vision for security purposes.

Keep in mind, that even though the window unit does not open, adding decorative grilles, special hardware and other accessories can dress up your home, if you prefer.

Operable Replacement Window Options

Unless you are thinking of replacing a massive, single-pane picture window with a single casement or double-hung window, you can generally replace any operable window with a fixed window, and vice versa. However, operable windows play a vital role in helping you maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Living in a hermetically sealed home would be more energy efficient, but living in a home without some natural ventilation would not be healthy or comfortable for long. Operable windows allow air to flow through the home, flushing out allergens and microbes that thrive in stale, low-quality air.

Operable windows also function as an emergency exit, so it is important to make sure every room used as sleeping quarters has at least one window large enough to allow a fast exit should a fire erupt. When choosing styles – sliders, double-hungs, awnings, casements, etc. – consider your family members. As an example, people confined to wheelchairs have different needs than young children.

Combining Fixed Windows and Operable Windows

Both fixed and operable windows make excellent accents to the other type. You can mull a half-circle window above a double-hung window to boost energy-efficiency, usher in more natural light and provide a vehicle for healthy air circulation. Likewise, you may use fixed casement replacement windows as side panels to accent a bay window. Design flexibility is one of the many benefits of updating your home with replacement windows and patio doors. Your options are almost limitless.

An Open Invitation from the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Team

Whether you are planning to upgrade your Long Island home’s windows with exact duplicates of your existing windows, or you want to explore mixing things up a bit, our team is here to help. For more information about achieving a beautiful, healthy, functional home with fixed and operable windows, simply fill in the form on this page or dial 877-313-9052 to schedule a private consultation today.

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