Start a replacement window project in the winter? On Long Island? Sure. Warm, dry weather may seem like the perfect time to replace home windows, but winter has some advantages you may not have considered.

Old Man Winter has already reared his cold head, making his presence known throughout Long Island. As the temperatures plummet and the first snowflakes swirl around those aging windows with cold air pouring into your home, you are going to want to take another look at replacement windows and patio doors. Anytime, the outer shell of your home has gaps or holes, cold air can find its way inside, making your indoor climate uncomfortable at best, and sometimes downright intolerable.

There is no reason to delay starting a Renewal by Andersen replacement window project just because cold weather is upon us. In fact, since windows account for a large portion of the exterior surface area of your home, winter is the perfect time to get rid of leaks and gaps in the building envelop. Why put up with chilly corners and make your heating system work overtime to achieve just tolerable comfort levels?

Here are a few reasons to get started on your window replacement as soon as possible.

Your Replacement Window Project Won’t Turn Your Home into a Temporary Freezer

Some people dread starting a major construction project during the winter because typical construction projects take weeks from start to finish. When it comes to upgrading your home with modern, energy-efficient Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows, the whole job can be done in just a day or two. Even if there is a severe weather event, your home interior won’t be exposed to the elements because our certified installers only work on one window at a time. This means if a storm arrives, the crew will finish the window unit in progress, and continue as soon as weather permits. No frigid indoor temperatures – other than what you are currently dealing with.

Your Upgrade Won’t Mean You’re Living in a Nasty Construction Site

Winter weather often means dealing with mud, slush, and ice. And, that may mean your floors take a beating. Our technicians take extra pains to ensure your home stays clean. They wear shoe-booties, hang barriers to keep large openings (like the opening required when you replace a plate glass window with several double-pane windows in a beautiful bay or bow configuration) covered, and use other techniques to keep cold air, moisture and winter slush outside.

Your Heating System Won’t be Pushed into Overdrive

By keeping the doors and vents closed (and hanging barriers to seal rooms that don’t have individual doors), technicians block outdoor elements from dramatically changing the indoor temperature during the removal and replacement of your existing home windows. The temperature in one room may drop temporarily if it is extremely cold outdoors, but each room should quickly return to normal temperature levels, and your heating system won’t have to struggle to reheat the whole house at one time.

3 Advantages of Replacing Windows in Winter on Long Island

  • If you’re like most of our Long Island customers, you’ll see lower monthly expenses for heating costs this year. Modern manufacturing innovations and techniques give consumers energy-efficient glass options that enhance performance – potentially saving homeowners between 45% and 75% on heating and air conditioning bills as compared to older, non-insulated home windows. Warmer rooms for less money – now, that is a great benefit of winter installation.
  • Scheduling during cold weather is often easier, and the demand at the factory may be lighter, too, because many people wrongly assume it is harder to complete a replacement window project during the winter. Chances are you won’t have to wait as long for those expert craftsmen at the factory to build and ship your new double-hung, casement, and bay windows as you would during spring or summer months. When you talk to your personal window consultant, ask about expected delivery times.
  • Seasonal pricing is another advantage worth recognizing. Along with superior performing Energy Star labeled glass options and never-need-resurfacing-and-repairing-to-stay-structurally-sound-and-always-beautiful Fibrex frames, you’ll find affordable financing and cash options for almost every budget, even during this time of year.

Never Fear Installing Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows in Your Long Island Home – Even During the Winter Months!

You don’t have to just sit by and take the punishment that Old Man Winter will dish out this year. Our Signature Service ensures your replacement window project is smooth every step of the way, starting with an in-home consultation to review window styles, accessories, glass options, hardware, insect screens and financing options. Simply fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 to get started.


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