Often, Long Island homeowners want to install a replacement window style that differs from the existing window style in their home. With replacement windows, there is plenty of flexibility in that area. Before deciding which Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window style is perfect for your home, take some time to consider how different styles impact functionality.

Replacement Window Style Basics

Here are three ways existing home window style may impact replacement window style choices.

#1. Existing Shape Matters

By design, replacement windows are custom-built to precisely fit the opening left when our crew removes the old window and prepares the opening for installing your new home windows. That means that a square window will typically be replaced with a square window, a rectangular window with another rectangle, etc.

There is some flexibility, however. You may choose to install a specialty window, such as a half circle or rectangle above a shorter (than the existing window) operable window style to fill the opening. Or, combine multiple shapes to form a unique fixed window that adds interest and character to your home.

These window replacement plans would work equally well as an alternative to a square or rectangular existing window, regardless of whether that window was a slider, a double-hung or a casement window.

#2. Replacement Window Types Limit Some Options

There are essentially two types of replacement windows – an insert and a full-frame window unit.

Inserts slide into an existing frame. Full-frame replacement windows are necessary when your existing window frame is rotted, out-of-square or missing sections that prevent an insert from being used.

Many Long Island homeowners who are considering changing window styles think they have to choose full-frame replacement windows because they think additional construction may be needed to make a new style functional. This is not always the case though, so ask your replacement window specialist if you can put a different style in the same opening. Some replacement window styles can be “swapped out” fairly easily, like casements for double hungs, etc.

#3. Dimensions Guide Decisions

Along with the overall shape, dimensions also matter when considering replacement window styles.

Double-hung windows are usually taller than they are wide, although other configurations are possible.

Sliding replacement windows are usually wider than they are tall, again, although other configurations are possible.

Casements may be square or rectangular depending on whether the window is an accent window, a standalone window over the sink, or installed side by side to mimic a mini French door.

Theoretically, you can replace any existing window style with any new style you choose, because replacement windows are built to fix an existing opening. But, sometimes it isn’t practical.

Consider replacing a slider that measures 36 inches (H) X 60 inches (W).

A double-hung window of the same measurements would not only look a bit strange, but would only allow about a foot and a half opening for air ventilation, and would not meet code requirements for egress during an emergency.

Similarly, replacing a tall, narrow double-hung window with a sliding window would provide a very narrow opening. And, the easy-clean, lift out design that makes cleaning sliders a breeze, would be more challenging without some help.

Can You Change Home Window Styles with Replacement Windows?

The simple answer is: Yes! You don’t have to go back with the same window style during a home renovation project that includes replacement windows. The key to success is considering how your new style (or styles) will make your home more beautiful, more functional and more energy efficient after the installation is complete.

Explore Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Styles for Your Long Island Home

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