Casement windows are a sensible and attractive window style for nearly any home on Long Island. With an easy-to-use turn crank, casement windows are simple to open and close, and can come with a range of grille patterns that look beautiful with any architectural style house. If you’re considering installing new windows for your home, casements may be the window for you. Here’s what to know as you’re choosing replacement windows for your home.

#1. Casement Windows Provide an Unobstructed View

Unlike single hung and double hung windows, which are made up of multiple sashes that slide up and down, casements have one sash that open on a hinge, like a door. Multiple sashes on one window mean the view is interrupted by the horizontal rails between sashes.

Casements do not have this problem. If having an uninterrupted view is important to you, then a casement window may be an excellent option for your home.

#2. Casement Windows Open All the Way

Casements open like a door, with hinges on the side. This is different from single hung, double hung and sliding windows, which open by sliding along a track or a rail. Sliding windows are always half shut because the sash is always covering half of the window opening.

Casements can open all the way, so the entire window is uncovered by the sash. This can dramatically improve fresh air flow in your home. If it’s important to you to be able to enjoy maximum air flow in the spring and fall to air out your house, talk to your window consultant about your casement window options.

On a side note: casements make excellent windows for the kitchen, where steam or smoke can sometimes fill the air and impact indoor air quality. Installing casements makes it easier to eliminate smokey or polluted air in the kitchen, which in turn can improve the smell and quality of your indoor air. And because they open with the turn of a handle, rather than require you to slide a sash, they’re particularly great when you have to reach over kitchen sinks and counters.

#3. Casements Look Great in A Variety of Architectural Style Homes

Some windows only look good in certain settings. Casements integrate nicely into a range of home styles, from contemporary homes to more traditional home styles. Whether your home was built in the last few years or 150 years ago, there’s a good chance that casements will look just right on your home.

Casement windows are available without window grilles to give you a clean view of the outdoors, or with any number of window grille patterns to match your design aesthetic and your home’s architectural style. Grilles are available between the glass, on both the interior and exterior (and in-between) and just on the interior, if you like. To find out more about how you can make casements look right on your home, talk to your window consultant about choosing the right grille patterns to match the style of the window to the style of your home.

#4. Casement Windows Provide an Airtight Seal

Casement windows can pull tightly shut and form a nearly air-tight seal, so they’re highly energy efficient. They form a tighter seal than any operable windows that move along a track. This can improve the energy efficiency of your home in both summer and winter.

Convinced to Buy Casements? Call Renewal by Andersen

Windows from Renewal by Andersen if Long Island are high quality, long-lasting and made from innovative materials like low-e glass and Fibrex window frames. Fibrex is a durable composite wood material that is stronger than vinyl and less maintenance than wood. For more information about installing casement windows from Renewal by Andersen, contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island at 1-877-313-9052 or fill out the short form on this page.


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