Your Long Island Replacement Windows Need a Solid Foundation

Your Long Island Replacement Windows Need a Solid Foundation

Long Island Replacement Window FoundationWe appreciate the significant investment our customers make when they decide to replace the aging windows in their Long Island homes and we work hard to make sure the experience is positive today, tomorrow and many, many years down the road.

The construction materials you choose when designing your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows matter. Building on a solid foundation ensures you are as happy with your new windows 10 years after installation as you were the very first day you saw them in your home.

While a Renewal by Andersen replacement window design consultant will guide you as you select your windows, we want you to have all the information you need to make smart choices. Here, you’ll find a quick rundown of the foundational materials we use to construct your custom-built windows.

Glass Options: Not Just Energy-Efficient

Choosing the “best” type of glass for your new windows depends on many things, from your budget to your home’s architectural style and whether your windows face the sun or are shaded by trees and other landscaping.

All Renewal by Andersen glass panels are rated “Low-E4,” which means that you’ll enjoy a clear view, natural sunlight and glass options that reduce heat and cold transfer. Our glass options also offer protection from ultraviolet light which can damage or weaken your upholstery and carpeting.

There are three foundational glass options to choose from:

  1. High-Performance Low-E4 Glass
  2. High-Performance Low-E4 Sun Glass
  3. High-Performance Low-E4 SmartSun Glass

Along with the three main glass types, we offer four patterned designs and tempered glass options that are four times as strong as “traditional” glass panes. Your needs, budget and personal design goals will likely influence your glass choices.

If you have an extensive art collection, you may want to choose SmartSun glass for its ability to block up to 95 percent of UV rays that can fade and damage art. If you want to control the amount of natural sunlight that comes into your home, Sun Glass is coated to give homeowners this option.

Your personal window consultant can give you more details about all the benefits of each glass type during your in-home consultation to help you select the glass options for each window based on your unique circumstances.

Framing Materials: Technology and Advanced Design

Although we are proud to offer a wide selection of colors, finishes, hardware styles, glass shapes and grille options to our Long Island customers, our framing materials are limited to treated natural wood and Fibrex. Why? In our over a century in the window business, we have developed extremely high standards for our windows and other materials simply don’t measure up.

Aluminum transfers high amounts of heat and cold and develop are problems with pitting and corrosion. Vinyl frames are much weaker structurally and expand and contract out of proportion with most exterior home surfaces, which eventually causes gapping and sagging that let outside elements in.

Fibrex as none of these issues. It combines the strength of wood with the low maintenance characteristics of vinyl. Fibrex is also good for the environment. Our patented composite is made from reclaimed wood and vinyl PVC, so we use fewer trees and reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill. Fibrex is strong, durable and almost maintenance free.

Fibrex Replacement Window Frame

Decorating Your Panes

You’ll design each window, or group of windows, according to your decorating and energy conservation goals. You may choose to add grilles to some of your replacement windows. We have an extensive selection of standard patterns or you may design your own.

Once you’ve decided on the pattern or grille layout, you can decide which of the three grille styles you prefer for each window.

  • Full divided light grilles have a permanently affixed exterior strip and an optional interior strip. The interior strips remove easily for cleaning and maintenance. This grille placement most closely resembles true divided pane glass styles that feature multiple individual panes.
  • Between-the-glass grilles offer a traditional look, but don’t require any cleaning or maintenance since they are permanently positioned between an interior and exterior glass panel.
  • Interior wood grilles are manufactured using natural hardwood. You can choose between ¾ inch and a 1-1/8 inch widths based on your decorating preference. Interior grilles snap on and off for easy cleaning and you can update the color with paint or stain suitable for use with any wood product.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Materials: Laying a Solid Foundation Today for a Functional and Beautiful Tomorrow

We build each replacement window for performance and beauty today and tomorrow. Our high standards ensure that you’ll be happy with your home improvement upgrade today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Ready to get started designing your replacement windows? Give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a convenient in-home-consultation, or fill in the form on this page for more information.

Repair, Replace, Recycle, Reuse Windows: That is the Question on Long Island

Long Island Replacement Windows Repair or Replace?

Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don’t worry about my destiny. –Carl Sandburg

Let’s face it. If you own a home, at some point you’ll have to replace or repair many things. Appliances, floor coverings, drapes – and, yes, even windows. If your windows fail or get damaged, you’ll have to decide whether to replace your window units or repair them.

The choice isn’t always simple. Here are some common window issues that homeowners in Long Island face.

Damaged Glass Panels

Probably the most common reason you might want to repair a window unit is a damaged window lite. If a baseball or other trajectory breaks through your glass, you definitely want a fast solution. A gaping hole makes it almost impossible to maintain a comfortable indoor climate – unless hot, muggy and insect-ridden describes your ideal environment – without spending more money on air conditioning. Damaged windows also create safety and security concerns.

If you have single-paned window, replacing the broken glass with a new sheet is relatively straightforward. If you’re particularly handy and take the right precautions, you might even be able to attempt the repair yourself. Of course, single-paned windows are by far the least efficient so now might be a good time to consider upgrading to more energy efficient insulated glass windows.

If you have insulated glass windows and a ball, tree branch or other projectile breaks either the exterior or both panes of glass, the repair will be a little more complicated because you’ll have to replace the entire insulated glass panel. You’ll likely have to call in a window repair expert to order a replacement from the original manufacturer. If your window is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer. They may send out an entire replacement sash (rather than just the glass) for your window.

A full-replacement window package with new trim, frames and glass is a better option if your frame has any damage such as rotting and sagging that causes the frame to be out-of-square. When you want to change the size and shape of your window, you’ll be happier with the results if you upgrade with a replacement window unit that includes advanced performance features built-in that save you money on repair and maintenance over the long-run.

Banishing the Fog

Maybe you don’t have a gaping hole that “lets strange things blow in with the night wind”, but you notice that your windows are foggy and condensation is becoming a constant problem, particularly in the winter. If you’ve done everything you can to get rid of excess moisture in your home like installing high performance exhaust fans in high-humidity locations like bathrooms and kitchens, the inner seals of your windows could be the culprit. In this case, you’ll likely have to replace the entire glass unit to correct the issues.

If your existing windows are more than 10 years old, most likely you will benefit from newer technology and energy-efficient glass, frames, weather stripping and sealants designed to keep the hot air outdoors in the summer and your conditioned air inside where you can enjoy it. You’ll pay more now, but save a bundle on power bills today and in the future.

Window Sash Woes and Frame Failures

When you notice your windows are harder to open and close or you notice air leaking around the edges of your window glass, there are some steps you can take before to try to delay replacing all of your home’s windows. You can thoroughly inspect your sash for obvious damage to the operational components – like the roller units. Sometimes finding replacement parts is challenging and finding a reputable contractor to repair trim or install a roller kit is even more difficult.

Replacing weather stripping and applying new sealants are often simple D-I-Y projects, but how long can you really expect cheap off-the-shelf weather stripping and caulking to last? True, you might buy some time, but eventually you’ll most likely be forced to replace your failing windows or live with higher power bills and annual repair chores.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows: Repair or Replace Help?

The advantage of completing a window upgrade with Renewal by Andersen replacement windows is that you are sure to get high-performance, energy-efficient windows designed, built and tested to be virtually airtight, block moisture, protect indoor assets against harmful UV rays and manage energy costs instead of settling for a quick fix that may cost you more down the line. And you get the security of working with one of the most trusted names in the window business: Andersen Windows.

We welcome the chance to give you will a free, no-obligation estimate for the cost of replacing one window or a whole house full. We’ll give you an honest assessment and explain why we think repair or replacement options are best for your situation. Reach us by completing the form on this page or call us toll-free at 1-877-313-9052 today for more information.

Replacement Window Warranties Protect Investment in Your Long Island Home

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Transferable Replacement Window Warranty

Long Island Replacement Window Warranty WorthInvesting in energy-efficient upgrades and home renovations like replacement windows and patio doors is not a quick decision for Long Island homeowners. It makes sense to compare various products and services on the market. We know we’re not the only replacement window company in Long Island, We hope you buy your new windows from us, but our goal on this website is to give you all the information you need to make wise decisions — including information for protecting your assets and investment dollars.

Choosing replacement windows involves many decisions, including considering glass types, frame profiles and color options carefully. Price and payment plans are important considerations for many homeowners, too.

But the one consideration that validates all the others is the warranty and the strength of the company that backs it up. After all, a warranty is useless if the company standing behind it goes out of business.

With replacement windows, as with many other home improvement products, there are usually two warranties: one for the product and one for the installation. This can present issues down the road, should you need to seek redress under the warranty. In many cases, materials warranties are dependent upon installation being performed in a specific way. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed to the letter, it can void the warranty.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Warranty Covers Materials AND InstallationReplacement Window Warranty Long Island NY

The Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Transferable 20/2/10 Warranty package helps you protect your assets without hassles or confusing fine print. What differentiates our warranty from other replacement window warranty products is that we cover both materials AND installation.

If you have ever purchased a home improvement product from one company and contracted with another company for installation, you might have experienced the “pass the buck” process. When people have a problem, sometimes the installation company claims product defect and the manufacturer claims improper installation caused the performance failure.

When you purchase your replacement windows or patio doors from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, you never have to worry about the manufacturer blaming the installer or the installer blaming the manufacturer. Should you ever need warranty service, you can be assured your claim will be handled quickly, efficiently and without headaches. You don’t have that peace of mind when you purchase your windows from one manufacturer and the installation from a general window installation contractor. When our authorized dealers install your new windows and doors, our warranty covers it all — labor, parts, and original installation.

Transferable Warranty Improves Resale Value

Our generous warranty package is transferable if you sell or deed your home to another party, too. This protects your investment and can actually increase the resale value of your home if you move during the warranty period.

20 Years of Glass Coverage

Your insulated glass panels are warranted to perform perfectly for 20 years. Your protection package covers manufacturing defects, all construction materials and installation for two years with normal use and compliance with maintenance guidelines.

Protection coverage includes:

  • Failure of glass or sealants.
  • Manufacturing defects which result in reduced clarity or obstruction in glass window and door panels

If we replace glass or sash due to factory defect or improper installation by one of our authorized installation contractors, we will repair or replace the defective parts. New parts and services are covered for the remainder of the warranty period.

2 Years of Installation Coverage (twice as long as most)

Our warranty only covers installation by a Renewal by Andersen authorized installation professional. If any product fails to perform according to our superior standards during the first two years due to faulty installation, your 20/2/10 warranty provides peace of mind. Your coverage means we will complete any work necessary to bring the installation up to our rigorous quality standards for workmanship without a deductible or co-pay for you.

10 Years for Non-Glass Components

Your non-glass parts and construction components are warranted to perform as described for 10 years. Non-glass components include:

  • Hardware
  • Locks
  • Lifts
  • Balance systems
  • Screens
  • Frames
  • Weatherstripping
  • Other construction materials and parts

10 Years on Our Patented Fibrex Frames

Fibrex composite frames are warranted not to rot, peel, crack, fade, flake, pit or otherwise deteriorate for ten years under normal use and conditions. Your coverage protects you from any issues associated with a manufacturing defect or improper installation. Keep in mind there are some things not covered by the warranty, such as the items listed below.

  • Accidental damage
  • Abuse
  • Modification by non-approved installation companies
  • Corrosion to hardware finishes — unless specifically covered in the full warranty document.
  • Acts of God and weather related damage
  • Improper cleaning and maintenance
  • Failure to paint or stain frames according to product guidelines
  • Specialty glass
  • Electric window operating mechanism

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island: Your Partner for Life

Our 20/2/10 warranty package protects your assets and investment against manufacturing defect AND installation — so you can have confidence that if you experience a performance issue we will make it right at no cost to you.

Your window specialist can give you more information about the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island limited warranty. We believe our products are superior to any other replacement windows and doors on the market and we back that up with a warranty package designed to protect your investment today and in the future.

It would be a privilege to talk to you about our warranty. If you have questions about coverage and limitations, request a full copy for review. Better yet, enter your contact information in the form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052.

More Video Reviews in Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island, NY

You know we love to hear from our happy clients because they validate that we’re doing a good job and we know you like to hear it too if you’re considering doing business with us.

These days, reading reviews from prior customers is a standard part of any shopping experience. We like to know that other people have used the products and services we’re considering and that they’ve had a good experience. We’re skeptical of advertisers’ claims, but know we can trust the words of other people just like us.

As a prospective replacement window customer, we know you’re going to be looking for reviews of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island and we encourage you to do so. We work hard to ensure every customer is pleased with our work and has a good experience from start to finish. We’re proud of our record online and are happy for you to search for our reviews, whether that’s on Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor or any of the dozens of other review sites.

Video Reviews of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island in English and Spanish!

Renewal by Andersen video review from Brooklyn, Long Island, NYOf course you can also read and WATCH video reviews right here on this site. We just added a new video review from one our recent customers in Brooklyn, NY. AND, you can hear her thoughts, in her own words — in English and Spanish!

Some of her thoughts include:

Why did you replace your windows?

“It was such a big job, we didn’t want to do it, but Andersen convinced us we could do it.”

Why did you choose Renewal by Andersen?

“When we met with the Andersen people we thought they were extremely professional. They knew what they were talking about. We had consulted with architects and engineers first, so we knew what we wanted out of our windows and when we met with Andersen, they met all those requirements.”

How was the Installation Process?

“The process was surprisingly pleasant. I was worried about workers being in and out of our home, but they were extremely courteous and professional. They wore booties to come inside and they did the work quickly. I was very impressed.”

Overall, how has your experience been with Renewal by Andersen?

“Our experience with Renewal by Andersen was very positive. It far exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them any time.”

“Another positive thing is we don’t hear the noises from the street anymore.”

Watch all the full videos here.

Easy DIY Window Treatments That Add Personality to Your Space

Long Island homeowners who have a Do-It-Yourself spirit and an interest in Indie crafts often look for simple remodeling ideas for their replacement windows and patio doors. From our decades of experience, the experts at Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, know just about everything there is to know about replacement windows and doors. Over the years, our customers have introduced us to dozens of beautiful decorating styles and creative renovation projects.

We thought you might enjoy hearing about trending remodeling and decorating tips for your home. So here goes.

Beautiful Windows: Designed to be Enjoyed

replacement window boxes

Window boxes can really dress up the exterior of your replacement windows. Photo courtesy of Jorge Andrade



Beautiful windows deserve to be enjoyed. Adding a window box is an excellent way to dress up your windows and give you a chance to show off your carpentry skills in the process. There are hundreds of variations to consider. Just go online and search for “window boxes” or “window box plans” for dozens of ideas.

Whether you want to plant a selection of herbs outside your kitchen window or you want a horticultural expression that changes with each season, here are a few things to keep in mind.

#1 Use caution when attaching your window treatments.

#2 Avoid drilling into frames.

#3 Damage to frames can void parts of your replacement window warranty, and could lead to moisture and air leaks.

#4 Your window box should have plenty of drainage holes that allow excess water to drain efficiently to avoid mold and root rot.

#5 You can build your own window box or create unique window treatments from flea market finds. The ideas are endless. You don’t have to build a box. You might decide you want to use reclaimed wood slats with holes cut out to hold individual potted pants.

Windows Seats do More Than Create Additional Seating

replacement window seatBuilding a custom window seat for your bay and bow windows helps you create a comfy corner to snuggle up with a good book or watch the flowers blooming in your new window box. Sure, window seats add more places to sit, but they can do so much more. Some creative suggestions for homeowners include:

  • Build a low-profile bookcase for easy access to young readers. You have traditional seating above and functional kid-friendly space at floor level. You could also flank your window seat with bookshelves to recreate a family library.
  • Create a playground for indoor pets, complete with scratching posts for kitties and safe napping places for your canine companions.
  • Increase storage space for everything from tools to linens and winter clothing with hinged access or customized pull out drawers. Drawers are great for organizing small items like craft supplies and specialty items like fishing tackle, which have both large and small items with diverse storage requirements.
  • Need some extra sleeping space? Build a fold out – or pull out – bed into your window seat design. You can use this same tip to build a window seat/convertible bed combination under any large window, not just a bay.

If Off-the Rack is Off Your Radar

Whether you want extra privacy, or you want to create spaces that reveal your unique personality, you can use traditional fabrics and materials in non-traditional ways to create fabulous window treatments.

Bold, Beaded and Beautiful


Image courtesy of Alpha

A beaded curtain is perfect for those windows that don’t need privacy curtains. Sunlight pouring through iridescent glass beads creates interesting prisms of color that change as the angle of the sun makes its way across the sky. Fun, playful and delightfully whimsical, bedazzled curtains are a terrific alternative to ready-made curtains and drapes.

What’s That Above Your Window?

Who says you have to use fabric on cornice boards? You can mount anything above a window to make a dramatic decorating statement. The only rule is that you choose something that fits with your overall decorating scheme. That six foot mounted marlin will look great as part of an outdoor themed room, but not so great if you are going for a more refined perspective.

Let Your Panes Speak for Themselves

Some window panes can, and should, speak for themselves. Renewal by Andersen specialty glass looks beautiful and protects your privacy without additional window treatments. Many windows with custom grilles and specialty glass are like pieces of artwork – no embellishment required.

Create a Tablecloth Valance for Your Kitchen

Creating a simple, country-inspired window treatment for your kitchen – or any room in your home is quick and easy.

  • Using tablecloth or vintage fabric, cut a large triangle (or fold a square in half to create a triangle).
  • Mount drapery brackets with holes large enough to allow fabric to slip through on either side of the window.
  • Slip the fabric through bracket holes and center triangle.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Sharing Ideas and Information

Do you have other unique window treatment ideas? Share them here in the Comments box or on our Social Media pages (links above). We know you have choices about where you buy your replacement windows. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you for years to come. Need more information about replacement windows and home renovation projects? Give us a call at 1-877-313-9052.

Change Up Your Long Island Home’s Window Style Without a Total Makeover

How to Select Window Treatments to Accent the New Replacement Windows in Your Long Island, NY Home

Long Island, NY Replacement Window TreatmentsIt’s a dilemma we all face after replacing the windows in our Long Island homes: We just invested a lot of time selecting just the right window, with the right hardware and other options and we want to show off their beauty so we hate to cover them up. On the other hand, undecorated windows can be a privacy concern and at night they can look like black holes in the wall. Fear not, sometimes the right window treatments can actually accent your windows’ beauty; like the perfect frame on a great piece of artwork.

Sometimes you want to do a mini-makeover for your Long Island home without investing lots of money or time. Maybe you want to show off your brand new Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. Whatever has you yearning for a window style change, we’ve got some suggestions to get you started.

Mimicry Creates Elegance

Don’t be afraid to overstate your style to create an elegant atmosphere. For all types of large windows from bays and bows to picture and specialty windows, consider a cornice board and draperies with matching design details. For example, choose a neutral fabric color with a bold contrasting geometrical design feature at the hemlines. Transfer the geometric feature to an overhead cornice board to draw attention to the windows. White on white fabric designs, intricate stitching details, and print borders all transfer well to cornice accessories.

Mount the cornice about one inch from the ceiling; choose draperies that are four to six inches longer than necessary to create a soft, sophisticated puddle for a dramatic effect.

Bold and Sassy

Roman shades aren’t as dramatic as floor-to-ceiling drapes, but they are versatile enough to be bold and sassy or sleek and classy. If you’re gifted with a natural flair for design and have intermediate sewing skills, you can create customized roman shades for almost every window style in your home, from space-saving sliding patio doors to casement windows in the second story loft. Paintable fabrics and myriad textures allow you to create delicate oriental designs as well as personalized shades with vibrant primary colors and shapes for the nursery.

Frilly and Feminine

For those girlie-girl rooms where lace and bows are in order, consider window treatments with ample gathers and pouffy details on a double rod system. Select neutral colors with soft patterns for the outer curtain layer and sheer, muted tones for the liners. Add lace or ribbon tie-back details and a valance to pull the overall theme together.

Create a Warm Inviting Space with Texture

Using diverse textures creates warmth. Pair up a simple blind with a nubby semi-sheer fabric to add warmth and interest to your casement windows. Bring in additional textures with bamboo rods or non-conventional ties — like natural leather strips or crystal beads strung on sturdy nylon thread. The combo gives you more light control for windows that get direct sunlight and adds a bit more privacy for bedrooms and bathrooms, too.

Simplicity and Serenity

For fixed windows without grilles and exposed hardware, creating a simple frame allows you to enjoy a clear, uninterrupted view of your world. Avoid weighty design techniques that include heavy swags, outdated jabot construction and “fussy” embellishments. If you want something more than a solid colored panel, opt for sophisticated tone-on-tone fabrics or choose a large pattern in a complementary shade to keep the mood relaxing and refreshing.

Consider Creative Choices

Decorating over-sized windows and doors shouldn’t limit your options. You might have to think-outside-the-box if you can’t put your hand on curtain rods that are long enough to cover the full width. One option for homeowners is to use non-traditional hanging appliances. You can buy electrical conduit by the foot from a local hardware store. The “rods” are sturdy enough to support light to moderately heavy fabrics and are very inexpensive.

Creative inspiration comes from a plethora of sources. Check out these innovative window treatment solutions.

  • Create a simple window treatment with burlap sacks for your kitchen, mud room, or work room.
  • Substitute traditional drapery ties with a necktie, a leather belt, a clip-style bracelet or a section of hemp rope.
  • Strip and paint a thin, but sturdy, tree branch to use as a curtain rod to add natural texture.

Have a Seat, Please

Dressing up a bay window requires extra attention to detail. You should use hinged or curved curtain rods specifically designed for your bow and bay windows to get the best fit. Perhaps, one of the most beneficial window dressings is to add or update window seats. Coordinating upholstery and window fabrics creates an inviting place to relax and watch the world go by.

As you can see, updating your windows doesn’t have to be expensive. Unless you plan on building and installing a window seat for your bay window, which is better suited to a weekend project, most of these suggestions should only take a few hours.

Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island for Replacement Windows Makeover Help

Before you hang your new window treatments, check with your replacement window specialist. It is important not to damage your frames or panes during the process. We’re just a phone call away and we’d be glad to help you with information to make sure you don’t void any part of your warranty. Call 1-877-313-9052 or complete the form above.