You already know that the windows in your Long Island home play a vital role in keeping your home comfortable, beautiful and energy-efficient. If you’re tired of putting up with low-quality, aging home windows, or you’re wondering if you need to update your home with modern replacement windows before winter arrives, this blog post from the Renewal by Andersen team will help you decide.

While researching brands and comparing different replacement window styles, many people invest plenty of time comparing price-points. Naturally, you want to make sure to find the best deal while saving as much as possible on the initial costs and monthly heating and air conditioning bills. But, have you really considered what you are paying for when price is all you’re thinking about? Are you comparing apples to apples, or really comparing apples to elephants? To make sure your research pays off, and you capture the highest short-term and long-term savings possible, there are three key questions you should be answering during your research phase.

#1: What is the Replacement Window Made Of?

Many consumer studies focus on the benefits and drawbacks of vinyl. But, when you’re comparing vinyl to other frame construction materials – wood, composites, metal, fiberglass – you really aren’t making a fair comparison. The frame material you ultimately choose will influence how much money you save on heating and air conditioning bills, how long your new replacement windows will last, and even what color combinations you have to choose from.

Here’s an example of what we mean. Our patented Fibrex composite window frame material is as sturdy and durable as wood, but offers a fuss-free, no maintenance package that eliminates annual maintenance to maintain integrity, surface texture and color performance. Plus, when built around Energy Star labeled glass solutions, you boost energy-efficiency and savings potential over other materials such as vinyl and aluminum alone. Make certain you compare the same materials when you are looking for the “best price” on the market.

#2: Who Are You Trusting to Install Your New Windows?

Many Long Island homeowners are inclined to focus on the design details – style, hardware, whether to choose standard insect screens or TruScene screens with micro fiber that virtually blocks all pollen and insects from entering your home. But, what about the installation? Is the install part of the purchase price? Do you have to hunt down and vet your own contractors?

Renewal by Andersen only allows Certified Master Installers with the important task of delivering and installing your precision crafted replacement windows. This ensures our customers can have total confidence their team has completed extensive classroom and on-site training, and that each member you interact with demonstrates superior customer service skills. Why do we invest so much in training and demand exceptional customer-facing skills? Because a sloppy installation can negatively impact window performance and let wind, air and unwanted pest indoors. And, to do otherwise would not reflect our commitment to value you or your investment.

#3: What Should You Expect During Your Replacement Window Journey?

Most people come to us without any prior experience updating their home with modern, high-performance replacement windows. As a consumer, you must trust your dealer to answer every question completely and honestly. If you notice a representative skirting your questions, you can expect a number of surprises – and not good surprises – at some point during your project. You deserve a seamless project from start to finish, that includes a courteous representative to schedule your in-home consultation, a well-informed professional to explain how to select replacement windows for every room in your home, and a well-trained installation team to wrap up the project. Comparing a one-stop company that handles everything from design to manufacturing to installation and warranty coverage ensures you a single point of contact – no hassles, no confusion about who is accountable if something goes wrong during the installation, after they leave or even years down the wrong.

Poor manufacturing materials and processes may look pretty on installation day, but before long, you’ll notice air and moisture leaking in and heating and air conditioning bills stuck in the same old cycle of costing you more money every month. With Fibrex frames, superior glazing options that boost energy savings as much as 70%, and no-maintenance factory-applied colors that don’t require repainting to stay beautiful for decades, you know you’re getting your money’s worth. And saving money every day compared to continuing to put up with aging, dilapidated home windows.

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