Window cleaningGiving your home an upgrade with a brand new set of replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is an exciting experience, but now that they’ve been installed for a little while, it may have occurred to you that they have to be cleaned a little bit differently than your old models. Don’t worry, while there are important steps to ensure your windows stay squeaky clean and working in top form, today’s post is going to go through each step, one by one. We’ll take a look at the Double Hung Window because that has some special Easy-Clean features some other windows don’t have. Once you master this, you’ll be window maintenance expert in no time.

Cleaning Your Double-Hung Window Step-by-Step

STEP ONE: Remove any Interior Window Grilles. You will only need to do this first step of cleaning your Double-Hung windows if they include interior grilles. If your windows do have grilles, they will need to be removed and cleaned separately from the glass and frame. To remove the grilles, gently remove them from their clips and set them off to the side. Cleaning the grilles is simple, and can be accomplished by first doing a quick dry dust and following that with a damp cloth.

STEP TWO: Unlock the Lower Sash and Tilt In. Now you will need to unlock your window and raise the lower frame a couple of inches. Next you’ll need to feel for the wash-assist tabs at the top of the lower sash and lower them until they rest in-between the sash and frame of the lower window. When that’s done, pull the window forward gently. Don’t worry if there’s a little resistance. To keep the window from being damaged, rest the lowered glass on a supportive structure like a chair or ladder with a pad on top so that the window hangs no lower than 90 degrees.

STEP THREE: Tilt In the Upper Sash. With your lower window attended to and safely supported, you can begin removing the upper window from its place as well. Remember the wash-assist tabs from before? Well, they’re coming into play again. Raise them upwards and use them to lower the upper window. Once you can reach the top of the upper window, you’ll notice two tilt-wash tabs on either side. Push the tabs toward the center of the frame and pull forward without releasing them. This will remove your window and you can now rest it safely on top of the other window.

STEP FOUR: Wipe, Wash, Dry. Now that your windows have been lowered, it will be very easy to clean both the interior and exterior glass from the safety of inside your house. In order to clean the glass properly, you’ll need three separate soft cloths. The first will be for a dry rub of the glass in order to remove any dirt that is visible to you. The second cloth will be used to apply a cleaning solution in order to give the glass a deeper, longer lasting clean. Recommended cleaning solutions are mild soapy water or liquid window cleaner. It is important to note that you should never use any abrasive solutions or cloths on your glass as they can damage it. Finally, use the last cloth to wipe away any remaining window cleaner and give your windows a perfect shine.

STEP FIVE: Reassemble. Now that your windows have been completely disassembled, it’s time to put them back in their proper place. First lift the upper window and push it into the frame until you hear a click. To make sure that it’s in the right position, lower the window an inch or so before pushing it back up. Repeat the process with the lower window and fasten the lock to secure everything in place. Finally, don’t forget about your grilles! Gently push them back into their clips and your window will be looking as good as the day it was installed.

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