Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows and patio doors are designed and manufactured based on precise measurements and specifications. This process ensures a perfect fit, resulting in superior air and moisture protection for your home That means that while you improve your home’s curb appeal and the view from inside your home, you also improve indoor air quality and temperature control.

If you’re wondering how choosing the proper window style can help you create more comfortable interior spaces, here are just two examples.

Expand Your Space with Bay & Bow Replacement Windows

Replacing a couple of double-hung windows, or even one large picture window, with a stunning bay or bow window configuration automatically adds more livable space to your home.

Because this style extends beyond the home’s exterior wall, you’ll find enough room to perhaps add additional seating, or some extra space for rearranging furniture to make your rooms feel larger and less cramped.

Plus, you bring in more natural light, which elevates our mood and lifts our spirits.

One of the many benefits of installing bay or bow replacement windows is the flexibility to choose operable windows, fixed windows or a combination of both, so you can take full control of the light flow, ventilation and how you frame your view of the outside world.

Benefits: Some extra elbow room, plenty of natural light and ample ventilation — what’s not to love about the beautiful bay and bow solutions?

Reclaim Unused Floor Space with Sliding Replacement Windows

This window style slides horizontally from side to side. A narrow profile and window trim allows an expanded viewing area as compared to other styles of the same size and shape. While bay windows create a little extra floor-space, sliding replacement windows allow you to make better use of the living space you already have.

Sliders (also known as Gliders) are a great solution for contemporary and traditional homes. They do not open into a room like hopper windows or swing out like awnings or casements, so you can place furniture and fixtures closer to the wall without worrying about disrupting traffic patterns or the flow of activity.

Sliding windows are a beautiful complement to any room in your home. Decorative features such as window grilles and exclusive hardware finishes allow you to design replacement windows that match or contrast your interior décor and architectural elements. Also, choosing removable interior window grilles gives you almost unlimited decorative options and makes cleaning your new windows a breeze.

Benefits: Design flexibility, easy-clean comfort and expanded viewing opportunities.

Add Value & Comfort with Modern Replacement Windows

Of course, these are just two replacement window styles that add comfort and value to your home. You’ll find each style has its own special features that help you create more inviting spaces for your family and guests.

For example, casement window designs can be more energy-efficient than any operable replacement window style, and they can literally direct a gentle breeze into your home when open.

Add Comfort & Value with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

A comfortable home is something everyone deserves. Updating with custom-crafted, high performance replacement windows is one way to gain the control you need to create beautiful, comfortable interior spaces. As a bonus, Energy Star certified windows boost property values and protect real estate assets. If you have questions about our full line of replacement window styles and accessories, please fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a private, in-home consultation with a Renewal by Anderson of Long Island representative.


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