Custom replacement windows and patio doors allow Long Island residents to express their creativity and enhance the view from the street and to the yard. But, beauty and attractiveness aren’t the only benefits of opting to customize home improvement products. Design features also give you the flexibility to add features that make your home more functional and protect the financial investment you have in your property. Of course, custom Renewal by Andersen home improvement products are manufactured with some of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available to ensure they stay beautiful for decades, without extensive maintenance and upkeep.

To help ensure our customers are 100% satisfied after the installation, we recommend every customer carefully consider styles, decorative add-ons and accessories.

Custom Replacement Window Styles for Today’s World

Throughout history, window styles – as well as shapes, sizes and type of glass – have provided clues about the status of certain buildings and about the owner’s social and financial standing. There was a time that only the wealthiest people in the world could afford glass windows. In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, windows also gave clues about the role each room played. Servants’ quarters tended to have smaller windows than a parlor where homeowners received guests. Today, we would be surprised to find an occupied home without a combination of fixed and operable windows in a variety of styles and sizes.

Where previous generations of home windows primarily tried to manage the outside elements by limiting the flow of air and moisture into the home, modern window styles virtually block air and moisture from infiltrating indoor spaces unless you intentionally open the sash. More importance is placed on increasing energy efficiency and comfort rather than presenting a certain financial or hierarchical status in the community.

Selecting a Best-fit Window Style for Your Home

A drive through area neighborhoods reveals the most popular window style on Long Island is the double- or single-hung window. Usually each home has a combination of windows that may include casements, awnings, sliding or gliding, picture windows and double-hung varieties, depending on the architectural style and the surrounding area. A best-fit window, one that is customized to fit the home style, and the lifestyle of the occupants, looks right, is easy to operate, provides an added layer of security or privacy and complements the other structural features of the home.

Sash and sliding windows are well suited in areas where casements and awnings configured to open out might interfere with outdoor traffic patterns. Replacement windows with a single operational crank like casements are especially functional in areas where you have to reach or stretch over counters and it would be difficult to raise or lower the sash without using a step stool or ladder. Before deciding whether a combination of double-hung units would be better installed side by side or in a beautiful bay window configuration, in your Long Island home it is important to think about the view from both sides of the glass. Framing a beautiful landscape may require a different approach than minimizing an unsightly view just beyond your property line.

Accessorizing Your Long Island Replacement Windows

Once you have determined the proper style – or styles – for each room in your home, you’ll want to consider decorative features such as trim and frame color, hardware finishes, grille patterns and insect screen options.

Color choices may complement the primary colors and textures of your home, or add some contrast. Hardware finishes allow you to personalize your indoor spaces by incorporating a touch of elegance or tying a common decorating theme together. You can easily draw attention to your windows or help choose finishes that blend into the overall appearance of your replacement window units to make them less noticeable. And, grilles, which are available in standard and custom patterns help you achieve design goals — from replicating original features in a historic home to adding a unique focal point that guides your visitors to the front door.

High-Performance Windows Equals High Satisfaction

Designing custom-built home windows to replace existing window units is a process. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each style to make sure every replacement window functions efficiently for your family. Choosing appropriate decorative features ensures you will be proud of your home improvements. Selecting a brand with a solid reputation for using high-quality construction materials will ensure your new windows will serve you well throughout the years you live in your home.

Learn More About Customizing Your Replacement Windows & Patio Doors From Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

Custom-built replacement windows give you flexibility and features that off-the-shelf window units can’t. If you’re thinking about upgrading your existing home windows, we invite you to give us a call today to schedule an in-home consultation to discuss your options. Reach us toll-free at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page and tell us when it is convenient for us to call you.


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