replacement windows Long Island child friendlyOur Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window professionals would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about child safety and replacement windows. Whether you plan to buy your home improvement products from us, or you are still researching different brands, this post will discuss considerations that go into designing child-friendly replacement windows.

If you have small children, when planning to update your home windows, it is important to carefully consider the window style and accessories you select. Because high-quality, superior performance replacement windows are custom-built to last as long as you live in your home, even if you don’t have children now, but may enlarge your family later, you’ll want to think ahead.
We would love to talk with you in depth about designing best-fit windows for your family, but here is some basic information that will show you why it pays to be selective about which window style every room needs.

Safety Precautions Are Necessary in Long Island Homes

Did you know that a small child can fall, or crawl through, an opening that is just slightly deeper than four inches? Raising the lower sash on a single-hung window to capture a cool breeze could pose a safety hazard for your toddlers and small children unless you install guards that limit how wide a window opens. Some people wrongly assume that a window screen will protect a child from falling through an open window. Screens are intended to block pesky insects from entering your home, they aren’t strong enough to ensure a person cannot accidentally (or intentionally) break through the barrier.

Do Replacement Window Styles Really Matter?
Any window, not just a single-hung window that has a lower sash that you raise to enhance ventilation, may pose risks and provide extra safety features. For example, sliding windows are easy to operate and don’t require extraordinary strength to open and close so even a small child may be able to open a sliding window if he or she can reach the “handle” and the door is unlocked. Recessed locks are more difficult for small hands to manipulate, but you shouldn’t expect a little difficulty to deter a determined child from trying to open a locked window. Fixed windows give the only “fool-proof” protection against accidental falls, but the best approach is to never leave a child unattended in a room with an open window. And, remember every room, whether it is a playroom, a nursery or a den, needs at least one operable window for egress and air circulation.

With a bit of forethought, it is possible to add accessories to almost any window or combination configuration to address safety concerns,. If you really want a large casement window, awning windows or hopper styles that enable exceptional air flow, talk to your replacement window dealer about safety features and accessories that are designed for use in homes with children. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Tips to Improve In-Home Safety
1. Never place a crib near an operable window without taking safety precautions. It is important to realize that small children are inquisitive. They can do some amazing things while exploring their world, like drag a chair, stool or other item from one place in the room close to the window and crawl on top of the item to look out the window.
2. A double-hung window that has an upper sash that lowers is a safer choice in some settings than other styles because the opening is typically out of reach, even if your child drags a stool or chair to the window.
3. Install child guards.
4. Keep windows locked and latched when not open for ventilation and cleaning.
5. Consider mulling operational windows above fixed windows rather than below. Installing operable windows higher on the wall ensures little hands cannot reach locks or operational handles and levers.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Solutions for Child-friendly Homes

Many factors influence safety in your home. In the same way that parents of infants and toddlers often take a tour of their home on their knees to look for safety hazards. Crawling around your home on hands and knees will help you spot safety issues with windows. The best time to take this tour is before your little one is big enough to start exploring.
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