At one time, windows in older homes were all single pane, which means they had a single sheet of glass in the sash. Though fraught with issues like poor insulating qualities, condensation, etc., single pane windows were the best option available at the time. Today, we know that these windows are inefficient. Fortunately, modern window manufacturers have developed smart alternatives that work better and add value to your home.

Although they are rarely sold to homeowners these days, single pane styles can still be found in some older homes. If you own a home with this type of windows, it’s time for an upgrade and Renewal by Andersen of Long Island can help.

Problems with Single Pane Windows

Single Pane Windows are Energy Inefficient

Single pane windows are drafty. They also allow transfer of energy between your home’s interior and exterior. This places a burden on your home’s heating and air condition systems and makes temperature control very difficult, especially at times of year when weather outside is very cold or very hot.

Single Pane Windows Can Cause Fading and Weathering

Single pane windows do little to block UV rays entering the home. Over time, this can cause your furniture, upholstery, carpets and flooring to fade.

Single Pane Windows Reduce Your Home’s Property Value

Many home buyers are deterred by homes with old systems like single pane windows because they know they will incur larger heating and air conditioning bills. The presence of single pane windows in your home can reduce your property value and make your home harder to sell.

Dual or Triple Pane Windows: Which Is Better?

Dual and triple pane windows are the modern solution to the problems presented by single pane windows. Both window types have been available to homeowners and business owners for many years. Extra panes of glass add air or gas filled spaces that reduce heat and cold transfer to keep houses comfortable inside year-round. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island windows are filled with argon gas between panes to provide even more insulation.

Dual pane windows are the most common form of windows because they’re lighter weight than triple pane, and more affordable. Triple pane windows, though heavier, offer the best energy efficiency, however these are rarely needed in Long Island’s moderately cold or hot climate. The added expense of triple pane windows are rarely, if ever, recovered in our climate. To choose which type of window is best, start by meeting with a replacement window consultant.

  • Stop by a show room to test their functionality and observe their appearance.
  • Get quotes from your window retailer of choice. If you’re trying to decide between dual and triple pane, get quotes for both.
  • Make a budget and compare your budget to the quotes from your installer. Use this information to make your decision.

Want to Know More About Insulating Glass Windows? Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island sells gas-filled windows with our exclusive Fibrex composite window frames, which are stronger and longer lasting than vinyl. They also require virtually no maintenance. Call today at 1-877-313-9052 to make an appointment to see our windows for yourself.


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