Long Island homeowners who have a Do-It-Yourself spirit and an interest in Indie crafts often look for simple remodeling ideas for their replacement windows and patio doors. From our decades of experience, the experts at Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, know just about everything there is to know about replacement windows and doors. Over the years, our customers have introduced us to dozens of beautiful decorating styles and creative renovation projects.

We thought you might enjoy hearing about trending remodeling and decorating tips for your home. So here goes.

Beautiful Windows: Designed to be Enjoyed

replacement window boxes

Window boxes can really dress up the exterior of your replacement windows. Photo courtesy of Jorge Andrade



Beautiful windows deserve to be enjoyed. Adding a window box is an excellent way to dress up your windows and give you a chance to show off your carpentry skills in the process. There are hundreds of variations to consider. Just go online and search for “window boxes” or “window box plans” for dozens of ideas.

Whether you want to plant a selection of herbs outside your kitchen window or you want a horticultural expression that changes with each season, here are a few things to keep in mind.

#1 Use caution when attaching your window treatments.

#2 Avoid drilling into frames.

#3 Damage to frames can void parts of your replacement window warranty, and could lead to moisture and air leaks.

#4 Your window box should have plenty of drainage holes that allow excess water to drain efficiently to avoid mold and root rot.

#5 You can build your own window box or create unique window treatments from flea market finds. The ideas are endless. You don’t have to build a box. You might decide you want to use reclaimed wood slats with holes cut out to hold individual potted pants.

Windows Seats do More Than Create Additional Seating

replacement window seatBuilding a custom window seat for your bay and bow windows helps you create a comfy corner to snuggle up with a good book or watch the flowers blooming in your new window box. Sure, window seats add more places to sit, but they can do so much more. Some creative suggestions for homeowners include:

  • Build a low-profile bookcase for easy access to young readers. You have traditional seating above and functional kid-friendly space at floor level. You could also flank your window seat with bookshelves to recreate a family library.
  • Create a playground for indoor pets, complete with scratching posts for kitties and safe napping places for your canine companions.
  • Increase storage space for everything from tools to linens and winter clothing with hinged access or customized pull out drawers. Drawers are great for organizing small items like craft supplies and specialty items like fishing tackle, which have both large and small items with diverse storage requirements.
  • Need some extra sleeping space? Build a fold out – or pull out – bed into your window seat design. You can use this same tip to build a window seat/convertible bed combination under any large window, not just a bay.

If Off-the Rack is Off Your Radar

Whether you want extra privacy, or you want to create spaces that reveal your unique personality, you can use traditional fabrics and materials in non-traditional ways to create fabulous window treatments.

Bold, Beaded and Beautiful


Image courtesy of Alpha

A beaded curtain is perfect for those windows that don’t need privacy curtains. Sunlight pouring through iridescent glass beads creates interesting prisms of color that change as the angle of the sun makes its way across the sky. Fun, playful and delightfully whimsical, bedazzled curtains are a terrific alternative to ready-made curtains and drapes.

What’s That Above Your Window?

Who says you have to use fabric on cornice boards? You can mount anything above a window to make a dramatic decorating statement. The only rule is that you choose something that fits with your overall decorating scheme. That six foot mounted marlin will look great as part of an outdoor themed room, but not so great if you are going for a more refined perspective.

Let Your Panes Speak for Themselves

Some window panes can, and should, speak for themselves. Renewal by Andersen specialty glass looks beautiful and protects your privacy without additional window treatments. Many windows with custom grilles and specialty glass are like pieces of artwork – no embellishment required.

Create a Tablecloth Valance for Your Kitchen

Creating a simple, country-inspired window treatment for your kitchen – or any room in your home is quick and easy.

  • Using tablecloth or vintage fabric, cut a large triangle (or fold a square in half to create a triangle).
  • Mount drapery brackets with holes large enough to allow fabric to slip through on either side of the window.
  • Slip the fabric through bracket holes and center triangle.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Sharing Ideas and Information

Do you have other unique window treatment ideas? Share them here in the Comments box or on our Social Media pages (links above). We know you have choices about where you buy your replacement windows. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you for years to come. Need more information about replacement windows and home renovation projects? Give us a call at 1-877-313-9052.

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