Over the past few months, we’ve published a 12-part series of articles about all the key features that add up to a successful replacement window project. In case you missed any of them, below is a summary and index to all the articles with links to make it easy to find exactly the information for which you’re looking. We hope you enjoyed the series and will share it with your friends. At the bottom of each post are a selection of icons to help you share the information.

Summary: There are four main pillars that make up a great replacement window experience. Like a chair with a broken leg, missing just one of these will adversely affect your happiness with your new windows for many years. In this multi-part series, we discussed in detail the many aspects that make up the pillars of your happiness with your new windows.

Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window ExperienceWindow Frames, Part I: Wood, Steel & Aluminum Window Frames

What kind of window frames do you have? Wood? Steel? Aluminum? Vinyl? What’s good and bad about them? Read more here:


Frame, Part II: Vinyl & Composite Window Frames

What’s the best material for a replacement window frame? Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl or Fibrex? Find out here.



Window GlassWindow Glass, Part I: A Brief History of Window Glass

Want to lower your energy bills? Get your friends to use the right window glass and we can reduce our energy use.



Window Glass, Part II: Today’s High Performance Insulated Glass

If your friends think Krypton is Superman’s home planet, they should know about the gasses used in insulated glass today.



Replacement Window InstallationWindow Installation, Part I: Installation is Key to Window Performance

Share this post on the importance of window installation to long-term window performance.



Installation, Part II: The importance of Accurate Measurements & Manufacturing

Do you know how many replacement window jobs are ruined by inaccurate measurements & manufacturing? Tell your friends.



Installation, Part III: On the Jobsite, Protecting Your Home for Installation

How should your window installers protect your home during the job? Your friends want to know.



Installation, Part IV: Window Opening Preparation and Window Installation

It’s a great day when your new windows are finally installed! Installation tips to ensure your windows last a lifetime.



Replacement Window DesignDesign Part I: Colors, Frames, Choice & Selection

What window design features ensure your windows look and work great. Share this post of key design features of your new windows.



Design Part II: Window Hardware Design & Selection

Have trouble opening your windows? Does your hardware lack style? Share this post about new hardware options to match your taste.



Design Part III: Window Grilles

Do your windows have grilles? Share this post about the different kinds, including those that are actually inside the glass.



Design Part IV: Insect Screens & Window Maintenance Features

Hate cleaning windows? Share this post about window features that make cleaning easier & less frequent.



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