Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Design, Part 2

Replacement Window DesignOur last post discussed Replacement Window Frame thickness and color selection. In this second part of our four-part series on the Window Design Pillar of your replacement window satisfaction, we’ll discuss your Window Hardware color, style and ease of operation options.

As much as the window glass and frame, your replacement window hardware will affect your long-term satisfaction with your windows. Hardware is most noticeable from the inside of the home, so every time you look out your windows you’ll see your hardware. If it matches and blends with your décor, it’ll seem like a seamless part of your furnishings, but if it doesn’t, it’ll be an eyesore that bothers you day-in and day-out.

Appearance is one thing, but functionality is another. Difficulties operating your windows can be a sore spot that can ruin your happiness nearly every day for years. If your windows aren’t comfortable to open and close, you’ll be discouraged from opening them to let in the fresh air as often as you might otherwise. If they’re “a pain” to open and close, how motivated will you be to clean your windows. In the worst case, bad hardware can simply be a safety and security risk to you and your family.

Replacement Window Hardware Design & Selection

Hardware Color and Finish Selection

replacement window hardwareConsider the choices and selection available on the replacement windows you’re considering. Do they come in different styles, colors and finishes to match your home’s décor? Some windows only have hardware in one color even if their frames are offered in multiple colors. A while lock on a tan window frame is not going to look like it’s an integral part of the window, will it? When they do have more than one color available, is the hardware only available in colors to match the window frame (white on white; brown on brown? Or are there other hardware choices that can match the other hardware in your home (brass, nickel, etc.)? Consider the room where your windows will be installed. You might seriously consider one type of hardware for your kitchen and a completely different style for a bedroom. Make sure your window manufacturer will enable you to make those choices.

Operating your Window Hardware

It’s important to operate any window you are considering before making your selection. How easy is it to open and close? How does the hardware feel? Is it smooth and comfortable or do you feel rough edges on the casting? Does it feel strong and durable, like it will last for years or flimsy and weak, like you might break it if you strain it? How easy are the windows to open and close? Do they slide up or down or side to side easily? Do they crank out smoothly? Do they close with a satisfying, secure feel? Does the hardware slide into place easily or did you have to “fiddle” with them. Remember, the windows you see in the showroom should be the best windows the company has to offer. No business is likely to put a poor performing window on the sales floor, so if you notice the slightest issue, you should consider what issues you might experience over time on the windows installed in your home. Consider that windows that do not open, close and lock securely can become a security risk for your family. Windows are one of the most common places of entry for intruders. If your windows aren’t easy to close and lock securely, will that become a security risk for your family?

After considering the operation and security of the window, consider other potential hazards or nuisances they may present. Does the hardware stick out from the window? Could that become a safety hazard for small children running past the window? Might it get in the way of your window treatments? Think about how you will be use and decorate your windows. Is the hardware going to make that easy or difficult?

Coming Soon: Maintenance, Insect Screens & Window Grilles

In our next post in this series, we’ll discuss additional Design considerations including Maintenance features, Insect Screens, Window Grilles and.

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