Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Design, Part 4

Four Pillars of Replacement Windows: DesignIn this final article in our long-running series on the Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience, we’ll discuss your choices of Window Insect Screens and important Window Maintenance features.

Window Insect Screens

If you intend to open your windows (and who doesn’t?), keeping those annoying flying (and crawling) insects out of your home is an important consideration to you. Even if you have central air conditioning, there’s nothing better than opening the windows on one of those first warm spring days to let out the stale winter air and let in the fresh scent of spring.

Window insect screensOften overlooked among all the other consideration of purchasing a replacement window, on Long Island, a good insect screen is an essential component of your window. You might be surprised to learn, however, that not all window screens are created equal.

While most common window screens will help keep the bugs where they belong, some can really block your views and amount of natural light that comes through your windows. When considering your replacement window choices, be sure to look at the insect screens that will come with them and ask if they have different options. Consider what your views will look like through their standard insect screens and what they look like on the window itself. Is the insect screen so dark that it will block natural light or dramatically change your views outdoors? Does the frame of the screen blend into the window frame or stick out like a sore thumb?

Consider also how easy or difficult it will be to remove the window screens to clean them or your windows. Will you have to get on a ladder to remove the screens or can you remove them from inside? If you can’t see out your windows because of your insect screens or they make your home too darkm you’re ultimately not going to be happy with the windows themselves.

These days, some manufacturers offer a number of options in their window screens. Some of these new insect screens can deliver up to 50 percent more clarity than other window screens.

Window Maintenance

Window cleaningTo maximize your views and your window’s operation over the lifetime of your windows they are going to need an occasional cleaning. We would all like to be able to say “I don’t do windows”, but someone’s got to do it. How simple or difficult that task will be depends is going to depend a great deal on how the window is designed.

Consider the materials that make up your new replacement window. Some materials are considered low maintenance or claim to be maintenance free. Some will require more maintenance than others. Wood or metal windows will require an intensive regimen of regular maintenance while more modern materials will not. Do you want to scrape, sand and repaint your windows every couple of years?

Even newer windows will require some kind of cleaning. Be sure to inquire about how the manufacturer recommends cleaning the window frames and glass? Look at the window’s design. Are there many pockets, tracks and other areas that will be prone to collecting debris? These will have to be cleaned to keep your window operating at peak performance. Think about how will you clean these? Think about how you’re going to clean the outsides of the windows. Can you do it from inside the house? Will you have to get up on a ladder to clean the outsides of windows installed on the second story of your house?

Cleaner Window Glass

Cleaner Window GlassIf the thought of cleaning your windows takes some of the fun out of shopping for new replacement windows, you’ll be happy to know that some glass options available from Renewal by Andersen of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Long Island include a permanently applied factory glass coating on the outside of the glass to keep your class cleaner longer, requiring less frequent cleaning from you. Renewal by Andersen’s Low-E4 glass features a state-of-the-art titanium dioxide (TiO2) exterior coating which make your glass cleaning easier. When activated by sunlight, the coating helps loosen dirt on the glass, allowing it to be washed away by rain. And, the coating also helps the glass dry much faster so you have up to 99 percent fewer water spots on the glass.

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