Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Installation (Part 2 of 4)

replacement window installation

In our most recent post in this series on the Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience, we discussed how important proper installation is to the success of any replacement window job. In this, the second of four posts about the replacement window installation process, we will discuss they key first steps to a good installation: Accurate Measurement, Precise Manufacturing and proper Packaging and Shipment of your new replacement windows.

Proper Measurement

The best replacement window installation must begin with accurate measurements of your existing window openings. To ensure a perfect fit of your new windows in your existing window openings, they need to be manufactured to very close tolerances, which require very accurate measurements of your existing windows. Differences of fractions of an inch can mean the difference between a great installation and a poor one.

measuring for your new replacement window

To ensure a lifetime of trouble-free performance, there should be a minimal amount of space between the new window frame and the existing window framing. The smaller the gaps the installer has to fill, the warmer your home will be in winter, and the cooler it will be summer. It also enables the installer to keep the weather and insects on the outside where they belong for the long haul.

Precise Manufacturing

From the accurate measurements, the factory can then manufacture your windows to exact tolerances. This is a critical step. Accurate measurement is the first step, but the manufacturing is where those measurements come into play. Precise manufacturing at the factory is critical to your windows being constructed and fitting to its opening properly. Renewal by Andersen manufactures its replacement windows to within 1/16 of an inch of the existing window opening to ensure the best installation.

Proper Packaging & Shipment

There’s nothing worse than receiving a new product that has been damaged in shipment. When your windows come off the line and are tested, they should be perfect. They should arrive at your home the same way. Windows are relatively fragile building components until they are installed in a secure opening. There are a number of moving parts and we all know how fragile glass can be. Improper packaging and shipping can turn your perfect windows into windows that cannot be fixed on the jobsite, no matter how good the installer is. Windows can be knocked out of square, glass can be broken, locks can be damaged and window frames and sashes can be scratched. Even glass that’s not broken can be damaged in shipping.

Some manufacturers simply shrink wrap their windows and place them in a truck for shipment. On the long road from factory to jobsite windows can be damaged by rubbing or knocking against other items in the trucks. Shrink wrap is inadequate to truly protect them from the rigors of shipping and handling. It’s not uncommon to see windows arrive at a jobsite scratched and marked and you might not notice until the windows are already installed in your home. Be sure the windows you buy will arrive at your home in the same condition as when they were manufactured. This can include proper wrapping and boxing, but should also include some kind of protection of the glass and frame itself.

A Chain is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

There are many individual processes that must each be completed perfectly to ensure a great replacement window installation long before your installer gets his or her hands on them. An issue at any point along the chain can ruin the job before it even begins. Before you select the replacement windows for your home, be sure to ask how accurately the windows will be measured, how precisely to those measurements the windows will be manufactured and how they will be packaged for shipment.

Next Up: Preparing the Opening

In the next article, we’ll explore job site preparation for your new replacement windows.

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